We wish to make OBS Pakistan an Institution for learning - Tarek M. Khan


 We wish to make OBS Pakistan an
Institution for learning - Tarek M. Khan

Advises Family run businesses
to go for Professionalism 

KARACHI: OBS Pakistan is one of the most compliant companies in Pakistan as regards international guidelines. We wish to make it an institution for learning. This was stated by Mr. Tarek M. Khan Managing Director and CEO of OBS Pakistan. He was speaking on ”Leadership and Culture for Operational Excellence” during the Second Pakistan Pharma Summit held recently.

 Speaking about the success story of OBS Pakistan, Mr. Tarek M. Khan said that he had come to Pakistan to close Organon operations. However, I saw it had great potential and it was highly mismanaged. I asked the management why you don’t fix it up. I offered to buy the company stating that I will be content if I make what I was getting as a salary. I worked with the same people for five to six years. The top management asked me would you like to become a partner. I told them that if you join me, I will make it one of the biggest companies in Pakistan. I knew that many MNCs were going to leave the Pakistani pharmaceutical market. In 1980s, we were the leaders in Asia.  If you want to make money you have to fulfil the stringent requirements. I have a Mission and by 2020 I will make it a one billion dollar company, he remarked. In 2006, our sales were just thirty five crore and in eight years’ time we have crossed one hundred million dollars working with the same people. None of the old employees has left us. For me people come first. They are my strength. In 2008, we acquired MSD. When I was holding negotiations with them in USA, I was told that within next ten years, there will be no Pakistan on the world map that is what they had predicted. I told them that he will not only take the company but also take all the company employees.


Federal Minister of State for Health Mrs. Saira Afzal Tarar presenting mementoes to Tarek M.Khan MD
and CEO of OBS Pakistan, Mr. Haroon Qasim MD PharmEvo and Mr. Javed Akhai Chairman Martin
at the Second Pakistan Pharma Summit organized by PPMA at Karachi on May 3rd 2016.

Mr. Tarek M. Khan was of the view that if you do right things, money will follow. In 2011 we acquired Schering Plough, in 2013 we acquired AGP and in 2014 we acquired Johnson & Johnson and he electrified the jam-packed hall when he said that “we will give you some good news soon”. OBS was in the real sense a Local company with a global perspective. We should not be afraid of India or anyone else. What they are doing to Sunshine industry and then speaking in lighter vein, he remarked that DRAP should also be privatized. When someone from the audience remarked, will you buy that, he responded by saying that he will acquire it and put it on the Stock Market.

Continuing Mr. Tarek Khan said that let us reinvest. As regards family run businesses, it has been proved that they are destroyed by the third generation. Don’t be emotionally attached to it. Try to think out of the Box. Do not be emotionally attached to your family run businesses but go for professionalism. Then he jokingly remarked that he was worried as to why his name was not found in the Panama Leaks. We have to change with the change. I have only two regrets in life, first I did not marry in a rich family and secondly I am an accountant which conveyed a lot and it had a hidden message for many. It is Vision which matters and then money follows, he concluded.

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