We live in a volatile situation where there is no harmony between FBR and DRAP


 Supply Chain Management

We live in a volatile situation where there
is no harmony between FBR and DRAP

DRAP is pregnant for the last five years
but still refuses to deliver - Hanif Ajari

KARACHI: Mr. Hanif Ajari Director Supply Chain and Company Secretary from Getz Pharma was the first speaker in the last session during the Second Pakistan Pharma Summit held on May 3rd 2016. His presentation was on supply chain management.  In his excellent presentation he mesmerized and electrified every one present speaking in his usual style. He pointed out that we were living in a very volatile situation where there is no harmony between Federal Board of Revenue and DRAP and whenever we see Mr. Ishaq Dar coming on the TV, we get worried as it may mean new taxes and duties on the industry.

Mr. Hanif Ajari
the most entertaining presenter
at the Second Pakistan

Pharma Summit 2016.

Continuing Mr. Hanif Ajari said that he was supposed to speak in the afternoon but his delivery has been delayed for over three hours and what happens when the speaker happens to be a Memon. Then he sent every one among the audience laughing when he remarked that look at DRAP which is pregnant for the last five years and still refuses to deliver. Mr. Hanif Ajari further stated that money was the common religion and it was same for everybody and we cannot run away. Just imagine 95% money lies in supply chain.  If you do not care about your customer, customer will not care about you. If your drug is not on the chemist shop, you are not there. He laid emphasis that one must have right product, at right time, in right environment. Going for automation and paperless environment saves lot of time and money.

Continuing Mr. Hanif Ajari said that it is a nightmare to export drugs. Transit time of the drug is not much. Authorities give you twelve hours to get the shipment cleared after which one has to pay damages at the warehouse and under these circumstances the industry has to pay huge amount every now and then. We are fully aware of the working in government offices and at times I wish there was no Friday because people go for offering Juma prayers at 11.00 O Clock, he remarked. We have to bring in some change, government cannot do everything.  He then listed some of the Goons of the Pharma industry and mentioned the names of WHO, EMA, FDA, CAP, and ICH etc. You must define your business model otherwise you won’t survive. He concluded his presentation by narrating a joke and amused everyone present and it proved quite refreshing after a long tiring day.

Mr. Osama Qasim Associate Director at Premier Group of companies also talked about effective supply chain and remarked that a few years ago no body new this name. It covers planning product, production, warehousing, logistics and distribution. Role of distributor in supply chain is very important because the main objective is to make the product available. He then talked about relationship with management, feedback from customers and supply chain management should be able to shift small quantity. It has many advantages and one should be efficient in handling returns back as well.  It is also important to visit market daily. He also briefly talked about evolution of distribution in Pakistan and discussed recipe for effective distribution. In Warehousing the first expiry must go out. With the advances in technology, now smart phones are being used for order booking. Controlled stock level ensures minimum damage and expiry in a high speed market. At Premier agencies we have introduced smart Warehousing, effective load management besides effective credit management. Penetration in rural areas and small towns was long overdue and we have made some progress in this as well. RFID is being used to monitor the products where they are. We have strong KPIs and monitoring. We have our own challenges. There is lot of storage space and funds are stuck up. We are all aware of corrupt nature of government employees. He then talked about Geo tagging and route plans by Google which all reduce delivery cost. Delivery and sales returns are being handled through mobiles and sales through e commerce. In the new situation, those who do not change, will find themselves nowhere in the days to come and they will be eliminated. He concluded his presentation by stating that those who refuse to change and improve will learn it the hard way.

Mr. Badar Khushnood Country Manager from Twitter talked about digital marketing for pharmaceuticals and pointed out that now it was survival of the Faster not the Fittest. He highlighted the importance of happiness beyond the comfort zone. Knowledge is moving fast and more and more people are using new technology which is bringing economic and social change as well. There are currently over twenty three million people on the Facebook. Moon spot thinking means thinking Big. He also talked about how to inculcate local ideas, competent marketing vs. paid advantage. Target next generation and target doctor’s patients, he remarked.

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmad President Healthcare Paradigm in his presentation talked about e Health and M Health. Ultimate beneficiary of all this, he said, is the patient and with all this we wish to help patients. Disease burden is high and there are lot of medical errors. He also mentioned about empowerment of the patients, technological improvements, pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine. Even in a country like United States medical errors are known to be the third leading cause of death. These are all preventable medical errors. He laid emphasis on safe, effective, timely, patient centric care which should be efficient. We must change soon enough and fast enough and reach to the patients through social media, he remarked.

Mr. Abdul Qayum Managing Director and CEO of Medics Laboratories talked about future of opportunities and potential for Alternative Medicines in Pakistan. He also talked about our rich heritage in the field of alternative medicine.