Lack of health education has increased the health problems of rural population


 Medical Camp by Mohammad Shafi Educational, Welfare Trust

Lack of health education has increased
the health problems of rural population

Non-compliance with therapy, reluctance to use Insulin by
patients with diabetes require counseling and patient education

BUREWALLA: Mohammad Shafi Educational & Welfare Trust organized a two day medical camp at Chak No. 409 EB in Tehsil Burewalla, District Vehari on 1-2 April 2015. Dr. Musarrat Riaz FCPS Consultant Physician, Diabetologist from Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (BIDE) who is also Assistant Professor at Baqai Medical University examined one hundred thirty five patients during the two days. It included twenty six male, eighty seven female and twenty two children.  Arrangements were made for blood pressure measurement and blood glucose monitoring besides free provision of drugs and medicines.

Dr. Musarrat Riaz Consultant Diabetologist, Endocrinologist at BIDE, Assistant Prof. of Medicine at
Baqai Medical University  Karachi examining patients at a medical camp organized by Mohammad
Shafi Educational & Welfare Trust  at Chak No. 409 E.B Tehsil Burewalla, District Vehari on April 1-2, 2015.

A vast majority of the patients visiting the camp came with complaints of acid peptic diseases followed by those suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, general weakness, body aches, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, skin diseases, viral eruptions and Hepatitis- C.  Many known cases of high blood pressure and diabetes were not taking medications regularly due to various reasons. Cost of drugs, lack of education was also some of the reasons for non-compliance with therapy. The patients were also reluctant to start using Insulin though their diabetes was not controlled with oral antidiabetic medicines. Other presenting complaints were  stiffness of muscles, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, fever, cough, renal stones, backache, lymph nodes in the neck with swelling cough and fever, headache, abscess in the breast, allergy and rashes, shortness of breath, infertility, right ovarian cyst, asthma, fungal infection of the nails, severe constipation etc. Some of the patients which needed further work up were advised investigations and asked to consult the specialist in the respective specialty.

There is a Basic Health Unit in the village and a doctor, LHV and technician are posted there but quite a few patients when asked did not visit the BHU. Patients expect that after examination, they should be provided all the required drugs free which most often is not possible at the BHU. Moreover, since a large number of diseases like hypertension, asthma, diabetes mellitus, rheumatic disorders have no cure and the disease progression can be arrested or controlled with medication, patients feel what  is the use of taking the drugs, if their disease cannot be cured. At the same time since the Hakeem’s, Homeopaths and Faith Healers make all sort of claims of curing all these diseases and their services are also highlighted in the media,  they tend to consult them though at times they end up in spending more money than they would have spent on medical treatment.

Students of Govt. Girls Primary School Chak No. 409 EB who secured
First, Second, Third position in the annual examination and were presented
gifts by Mohammad Shafi Educational & Welfare Trust photographed with
the school teachers and Mr. Mohammad Arshad Senior Head Master
BTM High School who was the chief guest on this occasion.

Known patients of diabetes and high blood pressure do not take medication regularly and they are also reluctant to start using Insulin because of fear of injections with the result that they are at high risk of developing serious complications. Health education and counseling is extremely important to create awareness among the masses about the importance of taking drugs regularly as advised by their treating physicians, regular follow up to eliminate or minimize the chances of any serious complications. They also need to be educated on use of healthy diet, life style modifications and regular exercise. Use of fizzy soft drinks is very common which also needs to be discouraged.

All the patients visiting the camp were provided health education and counseling to ensure regular use of drugs as advised and follow up. They were also encouraged to visit the local Basic Health Unit and avail the facilities available.  On enquiry it was further revealed that the Medical Officer posted at the BHU seldom takes the blood pressure of the patients while patient satisfaction was also lacking as regards their examination.  Regular check up of blood pressure of all the patients who visit Basic Health Unit can help in early detection of those patients who are suffering from high blood pressure so that treatment can also be initiated early which ensures better long term prognosis. Better monitoring of these BHUs could also help improve their functioning something which the District Health authorities needs to look into.

Govt. Girls Primary School

As in the past, the Trust also arranged Gifts for the students who secured First, Second and Third position in the annual examination at Government Girls Primary School in the village. Mr. Mohammad Arshad, Senior Headmaster, Govt. BTM High School who is also Secretary of Mohammad Shafi Educational & Welfare Trust presented Gifts to the students. Special gifts were presented to those students who did Tilawat and recited Naat while gifts were also presented to the teachers.  As desired by the teaching staff, the school was also provided Mats for the students to sit as well as Slates for some deserving students. The teachers were encouraged to serve with devotion and dedication to ensure that the future generation is educated and better equipped to take up the challenges. On behalf of the Trust Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid assured the teaching staff that in future too, an effort will be made to meet some of their requirements within the limited resources which the Trust has.

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