Speakers at PCS session call for strategies aimed at primary prevention of CAD


At the World Congress of Cardiology at Melbourne Australia

Speakers at PCS session call for strategies
aimed at primary prevention of CAD

From Farhan Raza

MELBOURNE (AUSTRALIA): The World Heart Federation is dedicated to leading the global fight against cardiovascular diseases (CVD) – including heart disease and stroke. It works to build global commitment to addressing cardiovascular health, generates and exchanges ideas, shares best practice, advances scientific knowledge to tackle cardiovascular disease. To achieve the above mentioned objectives they organize World Congress of Cardiology every two years. This time the venue was Melbourne Australia and the conference was held from 4-7 May, 2014. The conference proved to be quite informative for the participants. It also provided them an excellent opportunity for professional networking.

Pakistani delegates attending the World Cardiology Congress photographed along with Prof.Shaharyar
Sheikh, Prof. Ameen, Prof. Hafeezullah and Prof. Khan Shah Zaman Khan during the
scientific session
organized by Pakistan Cardiac Society on May 6th 2014.

Being an ally of World Heart Federation, Pakistan Cardiac Society also organized a scientific session on May 6th, 2014 in Melbourne Convention Center. It was jointly chaired by Prof. Khan Shah Zaman Director of NICVD Karachi and Prof. Hafeezullah Vice Chancellor of Khyber Medical University Peshawar.
It is a core objective of Pakistan Cardiac Society to promote and propagate the cause of clinical cardiology and for that purpose hold meetings, symposia, seminars, lectures and clinical demonstrations on cardiac topics. However this time the society represented abroad with an interesting scientific session which was very well attended by eminent physicians from across the world.
Dr. Tahir Saghir from National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Karachi was the was the first speaker. He presented the in house research data of NICVD on “Primary PCI In Developing World, Issues & Hurdles”. It was an interesting topic which resulted in lively discussion from the audience who shared their data and concluded that Primary PCI roll-out is happening at public sector hospital efficiently but was still facing some challenges. Dr. Tahir Saghir emphasized that the goal should be to get rid of all the unnecessary steps in the care of STEMI patients and develop the systems of care with the focus of decreasing the total ischemic time to 120 minutes.
“Risk factor profile in Asian Population” was discussed by Dr. Asad Pathan which covered the prevalence and prevention of Non Communicable Diseases in Asian population. Dr. Asad Pathan emphasized that there must be some programs run jointly by Government and Pakistan Cardiac Society to educate public on preventive and treatment of non communicable diseases.
Prof. Hafeezullah in his presentation talked about “Streptokinase, any role in STEMI” which highlighted the effectiveness and widespread use of Streptokinase. He also highlighted that we must go for primary prevention and ask the audience that we must plan a meeting on primary prevention which was also endorsed by Prof. Khan Shah Zaman.
There was a detailed discussion on primary prevention of heart diseases in the country, so that this menace of coronary heart diseases can be controlled to some extent. Numerous suggestions were put forward by various participants in this regard and there was a consensus that multidimensional approach including support from government, NGO’s and various forums was needed. Hence, all must join hands together in promoting primary prevention programs.

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