Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery Unit at GTTH examines 28,918 patients in OPD & performs 5,752 surgeries during the Year 2012


Annual Departmental Academic Audit

Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery Unit at
GTTH examines 28,918 patients in OPD &
performs 5,752 surgeries during the Year 2012

Spine Surgery Training Institute being established at GTTH
affiliated with Lahore Medical and Dental College
at a cost of Rs. 150 Million

From our correspondent

LAHORE: Keeping up its past traditions, Department of Orthopaedics and Spine Surgery at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital headed by an eminent orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon Prof.Amer Aziz has published the departmental annual report for the year 2012. According to the information provided they examined twenty eight thousand nine hundred eighteen (28,918) patients in the Out Patients Department during the Year 2012. They also performed five thousand seven hundred fifty two (5,752) minor and major surgeries during the same period. The GTTH, it may be mentioned here is affiliated with Lahore Medical and Dental College and Pakistan’s First Spine Surgery and Training Institute is also being established here shortly.
Civil work of the proposed institute has been completed at a cost of Rs. Forty million. Five operation theaters with CCSD are currently under construction and the whole project when completed is expected to cost Rs. M150/- (one hundred fifty million). Eight member faculty in the department includes Prof. Amer Aziz Head of the Department, Prof. Naeem Ahmad, Prof. Shahzad Javed, three Assistant Professors Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, Dr.Rizwan Akram and Dr. Atiquz Zaman, one Senior Registrar Dr. Abdullah Shah and one visiting consultant Dr.Chiragh Muhammad Khan. The department also has twenty three Resident Medical Officers.
The 100-bed unit always has almost 100% bed occupancy. Over the years the number of patients being examined in the Out Patients Department and those undergoing various surgical procedures has increased. The details are given in the accompanying table which shows the comparative figures for OPD and Surgery from the Year 2008-2012. Trauma cases coming to the hospital are operated the same day which allows cold cases to be operated in the morning list as per routine. The department runs daily OPDs under the supervision of a consultant and daily surgeries are performed. The department provides therapeutic arthroscopic surgery facilities besides offering excellent pediatric orthopaedic surgery and plastic surgery services. In view of the facilities available, the unit has been declared as Center of Excellent for spine surgery in Pakistan by Pakistan Orthopaedic Association. Twelve Fellows have already completed their training in Spine Surgery.

In order to help the poor and needy patients, the department has raised financial resources and every month about two million rupees, it is reported, are spent in this regard. This unit is recognized for FCPS-II training in Orthopaedic surgery and so far the department has produced twenty three Fellows. In fact the department remains a hub of academic activity for training the orthopaedic, spine surgeons having structured undergraduate as well as postgraduate teaching and training programme. The department also organized the Hands on Cadaver Spine Fixation Course and Flap Course. They also conducted a live surgery Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy Workshop wherein Dr. Mohammad Waseem Ahmad, Dr. Muhammad Shazad and Dr. Tahir Khan from UK participated as workshop facilitators. The department also initiated a weekly orthopaedic meeting for the orthopedic trainees at the CPSP Regional office Lahore which is hooked up to all the thirteen Regional Centers of CPSP all over Pakistan, thus providing a unique opportunity to the juniors and seniors alike to benefit and share their knowledge and experience. In addition the department also runs Primary Trauma Courses on regular basis at different healthcare facilities and so far they have organized nineteen such courses. For continuous evaluation of the trainees, the department has formulated an examination oriented MCQ based test which is conducted once every month for all the postgraduates.
During the Year 2012 the faculty members performed five hundred fifty eight spine surgeries, one hundred sixty nine arthoplasties, and one hundred thirty six arthroscopies besides various minor surgeries. Faulty members have also made presentations at national and international orthopaedic conferences.

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