Scientific Writing: A Guide to the Art of Medical Writing and Publishing


 Book Review

Scientific Writing: A Guide to the Art
of Medical Writing and Publishing

It has rich contents and reflect a Team Sprit

The book on “Scientific Writing” First Edition (June 2018) has jointly been written, compiled and edited by Shaukat Ali Jawaid and Dr. Masood Jawaid. This is the 23rd creation of the author and provides a guide to the art Medical Writing and Scientific Publishing. It is another birth of Professional Medical Publications (PMP) with all copyrights reserved having ISBN 978-969-8219-22-2. The main author (Shaukat Ali Jawaid) has a vast experience of Medical Journalism since 1966. He has devoted his life to disseminate knowledge, skills and attitude pertinent to Medical Writing, Editing, Peer Reviewing and Ethics in journalism in Pakistan and in the region. Whereas, the co-author (Dr. Masood Jawaid) is a consultant Surgeon, Medical Educationist and a Medical Editor.

The content of the book have systematically been designed starting from history of Medical Writing, Designing/ Planning of a Scientific Study, Literature Search, Data Collection, Basic Statistics, Research Proposal for Funding, multi facets of Medical Writing, Authorship Guidelines, Peer Review, Scientific Misconduct and Predatory Journals. Each of these themes have been elaborated with various dimensions, width-wise and depth-wise. A due attention has also been focused on Medical Ethics wherever pertinent. Each chapter ends with a list of relevant reference to provide ready evidence and to give space of the researchers to explore it further. The inclusion of quotable quotes at places on a good article, rejection of a paper, clinical skills, pressure on an editor, medical editors, the editor’s passport to heaven, peer reviewers and the like have rendered the book palatable and digestible and provided a literary look (social science).

The book is unique in character that it also comprises of knowledge of the art to write an editorial, conference proceedings, a monograph, a book review, a medico legal report, an obituary note and a poster. It explains the peer review systems, scientific misconduct (Plagiarism), the menace of predatory journals and the authorship guidelines.

The book is published by Med-Print Services, Karachi. The book is of manageable size (fits well in the pocket of lab-coat) with standard font size and reasonable quality page comprising of 328 pages. The contents of the book have also been contributed by eminent scholars of the country and their names/ addresses are given alphabetically in the book. This has made the book a bouquet of flowers like lilies, jasmine, roses and marigold etc. making a blend of fragrances of intellect and knowledge. This also reveals an excellent team spirit which, unfortunately, lacks in our country.

The book would be a wonderful addition to General Libraries, University Libraries, Medical/ Dental/ Nursing/ AHS College Libraries and in personal Libraries. The medical students, medical and dental residents/ trainees, medical teachers, clinicians, basic scientists, doctors (medical/ dental/ veterinary/ agriculture/ pharmacy/ nursing/ biomedical technology and allied health professionals) and researchers will find this book very important and useful. The authors and contributors deserve a special tribute for making exceptional efforts for the noble cause of Medical Writing/ Medical Editing.

The book is available Med-Print Services. Price Publication Rs.12,00/-(Rs. Twelve hundred)  plus Rs.3,00/- courier charges. Oversees US$ 50.00 plus postal charges for further details Contact: Mr. Mubarak Ali Phone: 0300-2375636   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.