Healthcare professionals training needs to be further strengthened-Dr. S. Nadeem Naqvi


 Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis

Healthcare professionals training needs to be
further strengthened - Dr. S. Nadeem Naqvi

Nursing profession needs to be given due respect
being important members of the healthcare team

KARACHI: We always says that Nurses are back bone of our health delivery system but do not give them proper training and importance which this profession deserves. This was stated by Dr. Syed Nadeem Naqvi, Consultant Anesthetist at Liaquat National Hospital Karachi. He was performing the Otsuka Lucky draw in connection with their on-going campaign against Hepatitis spread, at a meeting held at Otsuka Head office on June 29th 2016. Mr. Habib Navaid Senior Director Marketing, Mr. Khalid Munir Business Unit Head, Mr. Moeenuddin Ansari, Product Manager and some other senior executives from Otsuka were also present on this occasion.

Continuing Dr. Nadeem, said that training of healthcare professionals including nurses and paramedics in particular needs to be further strengthened. They also need to be reminded again and again about the safe practices regarding the use of Intravenous Infusions so that it becomes a routine practice. In Pakistan pricking of IV bottles is one of the major causative factors for the spread of Hepatitis which has now become an epidemic. Quality of nursing care is very poor in our country because they are not properly trained and they are also not interested to learn because they do not have any incentives. Efforts should be made to make them realize that they are important member of the healthcare team hence they should play their role in  health delivery system  while efforts should also be made to solve their problems.

Dr. Syed Nadeem Naqvi, performing the Otsuka Lucky draw in connection
with their on-going campaign against Hepatitis spread held at
Otsuka Head office on June 29th 2016.

He was of the view that it is the duty of the senior healthcare professionals to contribute in this regard and share their knowledge and experience with others so that the younger generation of doctors, nurses and paramedics are better prepared to effectively manage the patients which will go a long way in improving patient care. Dr. Nadeem further stated that we also need to emphasize the importance of moral values in the society in general and healthcare professionals in particular. We should be responsible and do not hesitate to accept our mistakes and try to learn from these mistakes. Role of pharmacies is also very important to provide quality product to the customers but at times some of them give preference to profit margins which needs to be discouraged, he added. 

Earlier Mr. Moeenuddin Ansari, Product Manager of Otsuka Pakistan highlighted the activities of Otsuka Pakistan to create awareness about Hepatitis spread using electronic and print media among the public and healthcare professionals. Every month sixteen lucky winners are selected through lucky draw from hundreds of entries received.  Dr. Fayaz Memon form Amin Centre, Mirpur Khas was the lucky winner for the month of June 2016, while a number of consolation prizes will also be presented to others.

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