Regular training of nurses, paramedics and following SOPs can reduce spread of Hepatitis-Dr. Sarah Feroze


Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis

Regular training of nurses, paramedics and
following SOPs can reduce spread
of Hepatitis-Dr. Sarah Feroze

KARACHI: Dr. Sarah Feroze Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at DUHS/ Civil Hospital Karachi was the chief guest at the monthly lucky draw organized by Otsuka Pakistan Limited in connection with its on going campaign against Hepatitis held recently. Speaking at the occasion, she said that pricking of IV bottle is an old habit and many paramedics are pricking IV bottles to increase or maintain the flow of infusion. She emphasized the importance of regular trainings for nursing staff and need to develop SOPs pertaining to IV solutions. These SOPs should then be implemented with true spirit for the safety of all. She also referred to the excessive use of IV drips and injections by the GPs in their daily practice which needs to be regulated to ensure that they all follow the SOPs to avoid the complications faced by the patients. She further suggested that some motivational measures may be the   key to success, like some sort of incentives/certificates on provision of destroyed syringes to acknowledge their role in eliminating reuse of syringes.

Dr. Sarah Feroze from DUHS/ Civil Hospital Karachi performing Otsuka
Lucky Draw held at Otsuka Head Office on 17th June 2015. Report on Page 9.

Quacks and untrained staff, she further stated, are responsible for spreading deadly diseases like hepatitis. Private sector is largely ignorant of the standards. Only big institutions are aware and conscious about diseases and the training for the staff towards handling them. Many private hospitals, medical center and clinics need to get their staff properly trained. Even many well-known hospitals are short of standards, suggesting that an incentive-based campaign would be helpful to achieve the goal. She appreciated Otsuka’s services towards medical community like CMEs about Fluid & Electrolytes and awareness about hazards of bottle pricking.

Mr. Habib Navaid Director Marketing explained about the quality production of Otsuka Products hence they don’t need the pricking of IV Bottles for regular flow till last drop. Otsuka Pakistan Ltd. strongly believes in strict quality control and maintains an international quality standards which are its hallmark, he remarked.

Earlier Mr. Moeen-ud-Din briefed about the campaign “Don’t prick an IV bottle. It can spread hepatitis.” Otsuka has intentionally designed its bottles in such a way that they do not require any pricking while at the same time; its flow rate is not affected. He also described features of the Otsuka’s product specially its IV solution.

Mr. Khalid Munir Head of Sales reinforced the message that guidance from senior doctors in the hospitals can help in eliminating this practice of unnecessary pricking of the IV bottle. Lucky winner for the current month was Dr. Saleem, while 15 other also won the gift hampers.(PR)

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