152 doctors in Pakistan have lost their lives due to Covid-19 so far


152 doctors in Pakistan have lost
their lives due to Covid-19 so far
Govt. urged to provide proper PPEs to HCPs 
looking after COVID patients and implement 
Shuhda Package announced earlier

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (Centre) at its recent Central Council and General Body Meeting held on December 18th 2020, also lauded and remembered the services of doctors who died fighting bravely in war against Corona virus. Fateh was offered for the departed souls of these martyrs. The meeting showed its concern over exorbitant deaths of doctors due to coronavirus. It was revealed that till now 152 doctors have lost their lives due to Covid–19.

During this second wave which started from November, Forty three 43 doctors have lost their lives (Punjab-16, Sindh-13, KPK-12, AJK-02). The situation is very alarming. Unfortunately doctors are not getting proper protection. They are facing shortage of PPEs. It is very unfortunate that announcement of Shuhda Package by the government for the families of Shaheed doctors has not been implemented yet and the aggrieved families are going through a hard time with lots of economic problems. PMA demanded that the government should take immediate steps for the protection of doctors and make sure the provision of uninterrupted supply of PPEs for doctors.

During the meeting doctors were requested to take care of themselves, do not examine patients without wearing PPEs. The life of the doctor is very much important for the nation during this difficult time. They should avoid shaking hands, they should also avoid going into any function. The participants of the meeting also showed their concern over the rapid increase of Covid-19 patients throughout the country during this second wave of pandemic. They demanded to increase the testing capacity and strict implementation of SOPs.

The meeting also took notice of the chaos at Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) and deteriorating standard of medical education in the country. It is very disappointing that the Vice President of PMC who is lawyer by profession is running the affairs of PMC single handedly, thus its one man show, which is not acceptable. PMC was not able to conduct MDCAT Exam for last six months and thus wasted students’ precious time. Now after six months they have conducted Exam. It is full of flaws. The meeting unanimously demanded from the government to abolish PMC and restore PMDC. (PR)

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