OBS, AkzoNobel & CfC paints first floor of NICH


 OBS, AkzoNobel & CfC 
paints first floor of NICH

KARACHI: OBS Pakistan, in collaboration with AkzoNobel Pakistan and Charter for Compassion (CfC) organized a Painting activity at National Institute of Child Health (NICH) Karachi on 26th December 2012, as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The whole first floor of NICH was painted by the staff of OBS Pharma, AkzoNobel besides members of The Charter for Compassion. Two ventilators has also been provided to NICH besides chairs in waiting areas besides arranging repair of beds.

M/s OBS Pakistan, in collaboration with AkzoNobel Pakistan and Charter for Compassion
(CfC) organized a Painting activity at NICH, Karachi on 26th December 2012. Group
photograph taken at the occasion shows Mr. Tarek Khan, Ms. Adeela Tarek Khan,
Dr. Syed Asad Abbas, Mr. Anjum Fahim, Ms. Mahreen Shah, Dr. Saeed Sheikhani,
Mr. Arif Hussain Nomani and other staff members of OBS, AkzoNobel and CfC.

A simple but impressive ceremony was also organized after the activity which was attended by Mr. Salman Ahmed prominent musician and social activist, Mr. Amin Hashwani, President of CfC Pakistan and NOWPDP, Ms. Adeela Tarek Khan Senior Director OBS, Ms. Mahreen Shah, Manager Corporate Sector AkzoNobel, Prof. Jamal Raza, Director NICH, Dr. Saeed Sheikhani Medical Director OBS, staff of the OBS, AkzoNobel, members of The Charter for Compassion besides young patients and their families. Mr. Tarek Khan Chief Executive Officer OBS along with other Senior Executives of OBS also visited NICH to observe progress of this activity. 
Speaking at the occasion Mr. Salman said that if we are sincere with our work we can realize our dreams. Until we make our heart strong we cannot make any progress. We have to be friendly with others which also keeps us fit and healthy. Being a doctor it is our obligation to work for the betterment of the needy people of our country. We are building school, rebuilding hospitals and houses, he added. Mr. Salman Ahmed also entertained the participants by singing his famous songs, Dil Dil Pakistan Jan Jan Pakistan and Hay Jazba Janoon To Himmat Na Haar. Gifts were also distributed among patients.
Prof. Jamal Raza addressing the participants said that it is a good activity to spend time for betterment of the facility. We all should make our contributions which will help our institutions and country to progress. He also thanked Management of OBS Pharma, AkzoNobnel and Mr. Salman Ahmed for their help and assistance for the beautification of NICH.
Mrs. Adeela Tariq stated that OBS has always strived to be a socially responsible organization and executing its strategies with the help of dedicated workers. She thanked her team for making efforts to enhance the awareness for the cause of better healthcare facilities for children in Pakistan and making this place better and assured to continue such type of activities. Mr. Amin Hashwani urged to work untidily which is must for any kind of progress. Ms. Mahreen Shah stated that to bring cheers and happiness and colours in the life of people is our mission. We will help to renovate and colour other parts of NICH, she added. Mr. Arif Hussain Nomani, HR Manager OBS Pakistan supervised this activity.

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