355 doctors awarded CPSP Fellowship, Membership at 47th Convocation


355 doctors awarded CPSP Fellowship,
Membership at 47th Convocation

Training facilities being provided by CPSP are expanding
in Pakistan as well as overseas - Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry

KARACHI: Three hundred fifty doctors received Fellowship and Membership of the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan at 47th convocation of CPSP held at the CPSP campus on December 26th where Prof.S. M.Rab an eminent physician and former President of the college was the chief guest. The recipients included 286 Fellows, 59 Members and Ten diplomas in HPE and HCSM. It was a nice gesture on the part of the college council to have invited one of its former Presidents and the only living Founder Fellow Prof.S.M. Rab to be the chief guest on this occasion which needs to be commended. Prof.Rab himself termed as co-host and not the chief guest. Dr. Fareeha Karim received Prof. Muzaffar Gold Medal while Honorary Fellowship of CPSP was also conferred on Dr. Amjad Shad consultant neurosurgeon from UK.
Speaking at the occasion President of CPSP Prof.Zafar Ullah Chaudhry said that the training facilities offered by the college are expanding within the country as well as overseas in Nepal, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom. He commended the supervisors and trainers for their services to the college. At present, the CPSP President said, there are seventeen thousand trainees under training, 169 accredited institutions in Pakistan and two thousand five hundred accredited supervisors. Similarly the number of registered trainees overseas is 166, accredited institutions 75 and number of accredited supervisors are one hundred twenty two. Lot of expansion work is underway at various regional centers and we are mindful of the challenges that we are likely to face ahead. He also referred to the appreciation the CPSP received and the Award it was conferred as one of the best Colleges in the sphere of medical education at the recent Oxford Summit of the Europe Business Assembly. He thanked Prof.S.M.Rab for accepting their invitation to be the chief guest and termed him as the living legend of CPSP.

Prof. Rab’s address at the convocation will be covered in the next issue - Chief Editor

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