12 most popular National Songs by eminent poets feature in PharmEvo 2014 Thematic Calendar


PharmEvo Calendars always carry powerful messages- Haroon Qasim

12 most popular National Songs by eminent poets
feature in PharmEvo 2014 Thematic Calendar

Initiative will help promote Patriotic feelings & love for the country

KARACHI: PharmEvo one of the fastest growing national pharmaceutical concern known for producing quality drugs and upholding professional ethics has a tradition of doing things in a different way. Living up to its reputation every year it produces a Thematic Calendar which has been greatly appreciated not only by the healthcare professionals all over the country but by intellectuals and people at large as well. Lot of research work goes into this project which has now entered into its 15th Year which also shows that PharmEvo is consistence in its efforts and every project it initiates. Its Thematic Calendar 2014 features twelve most popular national songs with tremendous lyrical value, by various eminent poets and this initiative will help promote patriotic feelings and love for the country. The company recently organized a series of meetings to formally launch its Calendar 2014 in various major cities of Pakistan. The launch meeting at Karachi was held on December 14th 2013 where Mr. Javed Jabbar an eminent personality from the media who has remained Information Minister as well as a Senator was the chief guest. Others guests who also spoke on the occasion included Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Vohra an eminent physician, Khawja Razi Haider author of numerous books on Quaid-e-Azam and a noted literary figure, Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor of Pulse International, Dr.Amanullah Khan from IMS Pakistan, Dr. Baqar Raza consultant psychiatrist at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital who has special interest in Urdu literature and is a good writer, Mr. Shahnawaz Farooqui a journalist.
This simple but impressive ceremony started in time with the formal lift up of the PharmEvo Treasure box highlighting the first page of the PharmEvo 2014 Calendar supplemented with music and lighting and the tune of Chand Meri Zameen Phool Mera Watan which instantly enthralled everyone present and made it a memorable occasion. This was followed by a Video presentation which highlighted the salient features and Themes covered in these Calendars so far.
To begin the formal proceedings, Dr. Iqbal who was moderating the session invited Mr. Haroon Qasim to formally welcome the guests. In his very brief but meaningful address Mr. Haroon Qasim said that we have shown that even the Calendars can be used to educate the people and our Calendars always carry a powerful message. Production of this Calendar, it was stated, is a team work in which Mr. Razi Haider, Mr.Sehar Ansari, Mr. Tanveer Yousuf and their team have as usual played a vital role.

Mr. Haroon Qasim Chief Executive of PharmEvo presenting a mementoe 
and Calendar 2014 to Mr. Javed Jabbar who was the chief guest at the
formal launch ceremony of PharmEvo Thematic Calendar 2014 at Karachi.

Mr. Javed Jabbar in his address said that Mr. Ibrahim Qasim Chairman of PharmEvo is a very humble person and his humility is evident everywhere and this is what has made PharmEvo a great success in such a short span of time. With devotion and dedication, PharmEvo has tackled many other important issues and has not restricted its activities to selling of pharmaceuticals. Selection of popular National Songs for this Calendar is commendable. It is important that we all work with honesty and professional integrity. It is good for the company to have profits but profit has to be tampered with restraint and responsibility. This fine line, Mr. Javed Jabbar said is not respected in many fields. More is not better but one has to be content with moderate consumption. Mr.Ibrahim Qasim is an understated Gentleman and his humility has always impressed me and he has progressed a lot over the years.
Continuing Mr. Javed Jabbar said that time is our biggest asset. I have all the time with me and always try to be punctual at meetings. We have to respect the time. As a Nation we are a very young species and we need all the humility and it should be our permanent virtue. He then reminded the audience that few days from now onward, December 16th will come and it was a tragic day when we saw permanent break-up of our country. Pakistan, he said, was a unique creation in the world with both wings of the country located at such a great distance between them and it did survive for twenty four years despite the fact that at the time of Partition some Indian leaders had predicted that it won’t survive for six months and had started intrigues for dismembering and break up of Pakistan. He paid great tributes to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah for his struggle for the creation of Pakistan.
While Bangladesh Mr. Javed Jabbar said has controlled its population which at present was 150 million, we in Pakistan have become over 180 million. We have failed to reduce infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate which are highest in the region. Mr. Javed Jabbar further stated that history may be a bit discomfortable but we should not forget it. We must always remember December 16th 1971 and the reasons for breakup of Pakistan, Had President Ayub Khan handed over powers to Mr. Abdul Jabbar Khan the then speaker of National Assembly who was from East Pakistan rather than Commander-in-Chief Gen. Yahya Khan, we could not have faced those tragic events. We must remember that it was a constituent assembly which could not have taken all the decisions with majority vote. Mr. Z.A. Bhutto was right when had said that before the meeting, it will be better if we can come to some understanding so that the constitution has the consent of the four provinces which had been formed in the then West Pakistan. These are all serious matters but coming back to the Calendar he said that Democracy has to be reformed with new checks and balances by the society. Secondly it is important to be a good citizen than a good leader. We need to have not only physically health society but make sure that it is also mentally, spiritually healthy with a healthy soul. We need to do Ijtehad. We have to be prepared for unpredictable factors, we must come to terms with India and build better relationship and finally we all have to accept our individual responsibility. There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan in every field. Let us all work together and make a Healthier Pakistan, Mr. Javed Jabbar concluded.

Some of the guest speakers Photographed along with senior executives of PharmEvo at the formal
launch meeting of PharmEvo Calendar 2014 at Karachi from (L to R) are Dr. Iqbal, Mr. Tanveer Yousuf,
Mr. Jamshed Ahmad, Mr. Shahnawaz Farooqui, Khawaja Razi Haider, Mr. Haroon Qasim,
Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Vohra, Dr. Baqar Raza, Mr.Shaukat Ali Jawaid and Mr. Shakil.

Khawaja Razi Haider in his speech disclosed that their team had selected one hundred sixty national songs out of which twelve were finally short listed for the Calendar after lot of discussion, debate and looking at the message they contained. We also ensured that the songs selected must also contain good poetry. He hoped that one day Pakistan will emerge as an Islamic Social Welfare State.
Mr. Jamshed Ahmad in his speech said that we in PharmEvo wish to have interaction with intellectuals which will increase our intellectual capital. That is why we invite various guest speakers from different fields in this meeting. Leadership will come from these meetings and we have to play our role in our own fields. We have produced thirty thousand Calendars with value addition and they will be distribution among the healthcare professionals and selected people in the society which will help to achieve our mission of having a healthier society. There are over one thousand people who work in PharmEvo and if they change their attitude, it will be a great addition in the society. We have a purpose beyond business. This calendar, he hoped, will generate positive thinking. Indians are much better nationalists than Pakistanis and the time have come that we should promote the national spirit, change our attitudes, ensure punctuality and fulfill our commitments. The Calendar 2014 contains very popular songs. We have to explore our potential. We have a firm belief that this country Pakistan and Nation will survive for ever and nobody will be able to harm it, he remarked.
Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid speaking at the occasion said that PharmEvo has a tradition of doing things in a different way and this idea of producing Thematic Calendars has been very well received and appreciated now for the last many years. Lot of research efforts goes into selection of the topic, material and preparing the copy for which credit goes to the entire team of intellectuals which has produced these Calendars. They always carry lot of useful information and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they have also made a useful contribution to the Urdu literature. The contribution of Muslim Physicians to Medicine, the role played by political leaders in the Indo Pakistan sub-continent, contribution by eminent poets, the historical aspects related to Rise and Fall of the Nations, selected Kalam of various poets which were highlighted in these Calendars all makes an interesting reading. It also provides an insight into history with which many among our younger generation are not aware off. PharmEvo has lived upto its Mission Statement of ensuring a healthier society that is why we see them contributing in different fields helping schools to promote education in under privileged populations to career counseling workshops, building professional capacity of healthcare professionals, promoting Urdu literature and reading habits, promoting the art of scientific writing, editing and publishing. Above all they have shown the way to the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan that one can work honestly, uphold professional ethics and also make profits. Had they not been making profit, it would not be possible for them to make so many investments in different fields which have nothing to do with their business of selling pharmaceuticals. At a time when the doctors are prepared to sell their conscience and the pharmaceutical industry is also eager to purchase the loyalties of the doctors to influence their prescribing practices to increase their sales, PharmEvo has emerged as a trend setter in ethical marketing which needs to be appreciated. The relationship between the physicians and the Pharma industry, he pointed out needs a new careful look and it was the responsibility of conscious people among the physicians and the Pharma industry to look into this aspect as the situation has become very painful. Referring to the Calendar, he said what is more important is the fact that at a time when we are faced with violence all around, terrorism, there is lot of uncertainty, helplessness and hopelessness, these Calendars always carry a message of Hope that we will overcome our problems and betters days will come. Hence, their efforts need to be commended.
Dr. Amanullah Khan from IMS said that PharmEvo has made a tremendous growth and was one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies. It has come up from 70th position to 21st position in the last few years among the six hundred companies operating in Pakistan. What is much more important they have also introduced research molecules like Clopidogrel while many companies concentrate on generics or branded generics? Out of the five major therapeutic classes, PharmEvo is very well placed in three segments. Their unit and value growth both are very good. He advised the pharmaceutical industry that for further growth, it was important that they go for exports and at present there was lot of potential in Vietnam, Philippines and Africa just to mention a few of the markets. We need to explore these emerging markets. PharmEvo has been a trend setter and he hoped that their Export team will look into these aspects.
It was Dr. Baqar Raza Consultant Psychiatrist at ASH who carried the day who in his humorous presentation threw light at all the Calendars produced by PharmEvo in the past and the topics which were covered which also reflected their love for the country and keen desire to make it a Healthier Society. He received tremendous applause from the audience present which appreciated his efforts with clapping which went on for quite some time.
Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Vohra commended efforts of PharmEvo and congratulated them for producing yet another masterpiece in the history of Calendars in Pakistan. They have enhanced the utility of these Calendars manifold. We all must serve the country with devotion and dedication. It is not the fault of our leaders who established this Islamic State if we have failed to make it a social welfare state and come to the expectations of our people. We all should be grateful, being an independent citizen is a great blessing that is why I did not accept British Nationality and returned to Pakistan after completing my postgraduate studies and training. Sending people for service overseas to earn precious foreign exchange was described by him as”slavery by consent”. We have to provide the youth job opportunities so that they can progress and flourish and have hops for a better future. Staying in Pakistan has brought me many rewards. National spirit demands that we should also give due respect to the local languages and culture. Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Vohra was of the view that if a few national songs in the regional languages been also included in the Calendar; this flower bouquet would have become still more beautiful.
Mr. Shahnawaz Farooqui commended on the collection of national songs for the Calendar and said that it will promote love, enthusiasm and patriotic feelings among the people. As Muslims we have to look towards Islam for our guidance. It was not less than a miracle that Pakistan emerged as an Islamic State on the world map after just a few years struggle. We should definitely not forget December 16th and always think about the causes, factors which resulted in the breakup of Pakistan.
The twelve eminent poets whose national songs have been selected to feature in this PharmEvo Calendar 2014 include Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi (1916-2006), Saaqi Javed (1925-1994), Mirza Jameeluddin Aali (1926) Syed Zameer Jafary (1916-1999), Masroor Anwar (1944-1996), Josh Maleehabadi (1898-1982), Asad Mohammd Khan(1932), Shaaer Lukhnavi (Mohammad Hassan Pasha 1917-1989), Sehba Akhtar (1931-1996), Prof. Karram Haidri (1915-1994), Kaleem Usmani (1928-2000), Tanveer Naqvi (1919-1972). An important characteristics of the national songs selected for the Calendar is that when you listen to them, they instantly arouse the patriotic, nationalistic feelings and ones likes to dance to the tunes of these songs. If the poetry and Kalam of these poets was a masterpiece those who sang these songs gave them an everlasting life. If Mr. Razi Haider, Sehar Ansari and their team of intellectuals has to be commended for their research work and coming up with this masterpiece, it is as usual Mr. Tanveer Yousuf of Tanveer Associates whose artistic and production capabilities are seen at its best which ensure that the Calendar as usual is very well designed, is attractive which not only contains lot of useful information about the poets whose national songs have been selected for the Calendar but also beautiful paintings and sceneries. I have selected few couplets from the twelve national songs which feature in this Calendar to give an idea about the selection for the readers.

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