PharmEvo trying to promote harmony and tolerance in the society through literary programmes



PharmEvo trying to promote harmony
and tolerance in the society through
literary programmes

LAHORE: Majority of the members of the medical profession have a very busy professional life and sometime they are forced even to neglect their family life as the calling of the profession they have chosen is such that they can be called to manage a patient at anytime of the day or night. Hence, they get very little time to even relax and enjoy many good things in life. PharmEvo known as one of the most ethical pharmaceutical concern in the country producing quality drugs has always tried to look after the healthcare professionals whether it is to update their knowledge through Continuing Medical Education, workshops, improvement of clinical skills or guidance for the children of doctor’s community providing them an opportunity on counseling for selection of their careers. At the same time they have not forgotten to provide them ample opportunities to inculcate in them the reading habits thereby promoting Urdu literature and poetry. They have also published a large number of books to promote Urdu literature.
For those among the medical profession who love poetry, PharmEvo has also been organizing Mushairas or sitting with eminent literary figures and well known poets to enjoy their poetry but at times these occasions have also been used for very interesting and informative intellectual discussions where problems we currently face in Pakistan are discussed in detail and an effort is made to find a solution or make an attempt to contribute whatever each member of the society can to face these challenges. PharmEvo is also known for innovations in different field, hence keeping up such traditions, they recently organized an evening with two eminent poets Prof.Amjad Islam Amjad and Prof. Anwar Masood who is known for his humorous poetry. The objective was to not only preserve and promote our cultural heritage but also remind the members of the medical profession the importance of poetry in increasing the intellectual bar of the society, tolerance and peace which is extremely important in the present scenario of hate-fuelled violence. These two legendary poets were the distinguished guests at the programme they organized here last month which was attended by a large number of eminent members of the medical profession besides junior doctors. This provided the participants a virtual feast who appreciate Urdu poetry at its best. The event was titled as “An Evening for Double Impact” and it was held in the cultural capital of Pakistan, Lahore. Poets and Writers, it may be mentioned here, represent a section of the society that has always been committed to the promotion of harmony and tolerance in the society. In the past too, PharmEvo has organized many such events covering a wide spectrum of artistic Endeavour.
The programme started with recitation from Holy Quran by Hafiz Abdur Rehman and the proceedings were conducted by a noted poet and literary personality from Karachi Mr.Ajmal Siraj. In his introductory remarks Mr. Zubair Ahmed Siddiqui, Business Manager PharmEvo talked about the tradition at PharmEvo, its activities and contributions towards the society through different ways with cause oriented marketing strategies. And when the two distinguished poets Mr. Amjad Islam Amjad and Prof. Anwar Masood came to the stage, they were warmly welcomed by the participants. It was not only the senior doctors but the young doctors also enjoyed the most. Amjad Islam Amjad who is recipients of numerous Honours and Awards shared his personal experiences and captivated the audience with his poetry in an hour-long interaction. He set the mood for the night with his creation. As he started reciting his selected collection of Kalam, the jam-packed hall was mesmerized. When he finished his presentation, the participants were so delighted that they gave him a standing ovation which reflected the love and affection they have for this great poet and literary personality of Pakistan.
Prof. Anwar Masood then enthralled the audience with his satirical poetry convulsing them with verses based on common themes. “Medicine Kay Side Effects”, “WAPDA” and his all time hit the “Atai Doctor” sent the audience laughing who showered their appreciation generously. His signature hilarious and ironic couplets highlighted the various social issues through their funny and sometimes hard hitting poems. He specially targeted the Westernization of the youth in his readings and criticized the deviations from our traditional values in his particular style eliciting splutter, giggles and snickers throughout the hall.
Throughout the event, the participants kept on clapping, appreciating their entertaining performance which kept everybody sitting and enjoying till the end. Mr. Saif-ur-Rehman Business Unit Head at PharmEvo later concluded the session by thanking the audience as well as the distinguished guests for their valuable time and gracing the occasion with their presence.

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