Be careful while using Sanitizers to protect yourself from Corona Virus


Hand washing with water is good enough
Be careful while using Sanitizers to
protect yourself from Corona Virus
Avoid too much use of sanitizers as most
products have no antiviral properties but it will
kill the healthy bacteria thus reducing immunity

KARACHI: After reports by research investigators of increasing number of people using sanitizers develop ocular problems, reduction in eye sight and even total loss of eye sight, United States is reported to have banned a large number of these sanitizer preparations. It is reported in the social media that most of these sanitizers which are being marketed and promoted as protection against Corona virus have no antiviral properties but have antibacterial effect which can kill the healthy bacteria in the body. Other adverse effects of these sanitizers being reported by researchers include weakening of the muscles, headache, vomiting and diarrhoea and all these needs to be further confirmed through scientific studies.

All those sanitizers which claim to have 90% alcohol base have methanol which is highly dangerous. It is now recommended that reduce the use of alcohol and wash your hands repeatedly with water and soap. Some of the ingredients can only kill bacteria, reduce our immunity but have no effect at all on any viruses. Hence, excessive use of these sanitizes can be very dangerous. Most of the deaths being reported in corona patients are also due to sepsis which is bacteria related. Its excessive use can also reduce thyroid hormones as well.

According to Dr. Harshinder Kaur who has shared a video on social media, it is also not advisable to wash the toys of children with sanitizers. Most of these toys, she says, are soft and they absorb these sanitizers while we need these sanitizers on surface to protect against corona virus. These toys absorb these sanitizers and when the children will play with these toys, put them in their mouth or touch them with their hands and then put their fingers, thumb in mouth, this will pass on the sanitizers in their bodies. Hence as a result these children might suffer from diarrhoea, vomiting. Similarly it is of no use to wash the vegetables, fruits in sanitizers before use which should be strictly avoided. Hence, be careful while using these sanitizers, carefully look at their ingredients, avoid their maximum use, and wash your hands repeatedly with just water and soap which is good enough to ensure protection from corona virus.

These findings needs to be further confirmed by undertaking research and it could be an interesting topic for investigators while lot of studies are being undertaken on CORIV19. This aspect i.e. harmful effects of the excessive use of Sanitizers also needs to be looked into so that the common man is not carried away by the excessive aggressive marketing strategies by the producers of these sanitizers and instead of protecting them from corona virus, make them suffer from some other ailments.

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