A Manual of Dermatology by Dr. Zohra Zaidi


A Manual of Dermatology
by Dr. Zohra Zaidi

LONDON: Dr. Zohra Zaidi, consultant dermatologist has just published her second book on dermatology. Titled “A Manual of Dermatology” this book has been published by Japyee Brothers Medical Publishes Ltd and the other co-authors with Dr. Zohra Zaidi include Prof. Ijaz Hussain Professor of Dermatology from Lahore and Prof. Zarnaz Wahid Professor of Dermatology from Karachi. This is the second edition. Her first book Dermatology in Clinical Practice was published by Springer in 2010 which was mainly for the General Practitioners/Family Physicians.

This new book is written keeping in view two objectives. The first objective was to make the subject of dermatology easy to understand. It should form a base to study the major textbooks of dermatology. The second objective was to discuss the diseases of the East and West in equal depth. The author believes since this is an era of globalization, most outpatient clinics have patients from all over the globe. Having lived both in the East and the West, the author has found that the disease of the tropical region often pose a problem to the trainee dermatologists in the West and vice-vresa. Diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and parasites are discussed in equal depth, along with diseases common in the West such as inflammatory disorders and coetaneous malignancy.

Residents and Registrars of dermatology, physicians in internal medicine, General Practitioners and Family Physicians interested in dermatology will find it extremely informative and useful while it will be an invaluable treasure for any medical library in the medical institutions, healthcare facilities. SAJ