Balance & moderation in life will take care of hypertension-Mehtab Akbar Raashdi


 PHL 16th annual Symposium
Balance & moderation in life will take care 
of hypertension-Mehtab Akbar Raashdi
With 12 Chapters, 250 members PHL has contributed a great
deal in creating public awareness about hypertension and
educating the healthcare professionals- Prof. M. Ishaq

HYDERABAD: Balance and moderation in life, eating healthy food and life style modifications can take care of hypertension known as a silent killer. This was stated by Ms. Mehtab Akbar Raashdi, an eminent educationist and intellectual while speaking at the 16th annual symposium of Pakistan Hypertension League held here from February 8-10th 2013. She commended the efforts of Pakistan Hypertension League to reach out to the people, create awareness about high blood pressure besides educating the healthcare professionals. She emphasized that doctors should use simple language which an ordinary person can easily understand.
Talking abut the increasing prevalence of high blood pressure which is responsible for lot of deaths in the country every year, she said that we are ourselves to be blamed for all this. We have adopted the western life style. We have to change it. We should not be careless in diet, have active life with regular exercise instead of spending too much time sitting in front of Television and on computers. We need to bring moderation and balance every where. We must look at the message conveyed to us in Holy Quran to be modest, go for simple food which is easily digested, avoid too many fats and make sure that children do not enjoy too much fast food. Late night food should be avoided. Have timely dinner and modify the risk factors which lead to the development of hypertension. We must reach out to the people at large and see what is happening to them. Let us go back to the best times when we had safety, security and no terrorist activities which has become the vocal killer these days. All efforts should be made to bring back the wheel for the best. Unfortunately we all have become insensitive to what is happening around us. Life has become very cheap an every day dozens of people lose their lives which needs to be checked. We all need to do soul searching and work for safety and security of our people every where, she remarked.
Prof. M. Ishaq President of Pakistan Hypertension League in his welcome address pointed out that ever since the inception of PHL, they have done a lot to create public awareness about high blood pressure besides educating the healthcare professionals in detection, diagnosis and management of hypertension. PHL has so far established twelve chapters in different parts of the country and it has two hundred fifty members. PHL also developed guidelines on detection and management of hypertension under the chairmanship of Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary which has been appreciated not only within the country but overseas as well and many Asian countries have decided to adopt them. He thanked members of the PHL and former office bearers for their help and assistance in promoting the aims and objectives of PHL. Hypertension and diabetes, he said are both quite common and account for lot of morbidity and mortality. In the coming days both these diseases are going to increase further and to tackle the burden of these non-communicable diseases, we need support of the print as well as electronic media to create awareness about these diseases and highlight preventive measures. Media can play an important role in promotion of Health and Education in the country. If the people are educated to consume low salt, stop smoking, reduce weight, go for regular exercise, consume healthy fat free diet, we can overcome these disease. He commended the efforts made by Prof. Feroze Memon and Dr. Fazalur Rehman Memon for the excellent arrangements made for the conference. The Public Awareness Session held earlier was a great success which was very well attended. In fact Prof. Feroze Memon has emerged as one of the best chapter coordinators of PHL, Prof. Ishaq remarked. He also announced that in recognition of the services rendered by Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary, PHL will offer him Life Time Achievement Award shortly.
Prof. Feroze Memon convener of the symposium thanked the invited guest speakers and all others who helped them during the organization of this academic activity. Earlier folk songs were presented depicting culture of various regions of Pakistan. Dr. Fazalur Rehman Memon presented vote of thanks and acknowledge the support and assistance of various pharmaceutical companies to organize the symposium.
The symposium attracted a large number of cardiac physicians from all over the country. The scientific programme was spread over different sessions. It started with a session devoted to Aspirin and Hypertension and it started just in time. Management of hypertension, pharmacological and non-pharmacological means of controlling hypertension, Beyond Hypertension, Evolution and Evaluation of Hypertension, interventions in hypertension, controversies in hypertension, and hypertension in special groups were discussed at length in different sessions. The most important highlight of the scientific programme was debates on hypertension regarding use of ACE Inhibitors vs. ARBs participated by Dr. Basheer Haneef and Dr. Shahbaz Kureshi, Beta blockers still a viable option for hypertension in which Dr. Syed Imran Ahmad and Prof.Khawar Kazmi participated. Detailed reports to follow.

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