Proceedings of 5th National Headache Update: IHS Visiting Professors' Program organized by PHS


 Proceedings of 5th National Headache Update: 
IHS Visiting Professors' Program 
organized by PHS

Dr. Abdul Malik
General Secretary - Pakistan Headache Society
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ISLAMABAD: Headache is one of the most common disorders worldwide. On the World Health Organization's ranking of causes of disability, this would bring headache disorders into the 10 most disabling conditions for the two genders, and into the five most disabling for women. The prevalence of headache disorders in Pakistan is high, and would be at least on par with that reported in other parts of the world, although a recent epidemiological survey suggests that the prevalence of migraines could be as high as 22%, almost twice that noted in the international literature.

Dr. Aziz B. Sonawala, President PHS giving Lifetime Memberships of PHS to Prof. Messoud Ashina
and Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed respectively. Dr. Abdul Malik is also seen in the picture.

Over the years, the Pakistan Headache Society (PHS) has been striving to update the level of expertise of medical practitioners in the diagnosis and management of common and uncommon headache disorders, by organizing updates, lectures and seminars across the country. Pakistan Headache Society organized  its 5th Headache Update on 23rd December 2017 at Islamabad which was  endorsed by International Headache Society (IHS). Visiting Professors’ Headache Update initiative is  a most welcome event as it offers an opportunity for all to update their concepts and understanding of headache disorders from leading experts in the field.

The academic program was formulated by the PHS, and approved by the IHS. The contents of the program were targeted at the General Neurologist coming from all over Pakistan as well as trainees in Neurology from centers all over the country. It was expected that at the end of the course, the participants would be able to:

  1. Understand the basic pathophysiology of the common headache disorders
  2. Differentiate various primary headache disorder and able to spot the most common secondary headache disorder.
  3. Have knowledge of current treatments and those in development.
  4. Minimize the need for costly investigation in a financially constrained country.
  5. Educate the participants of the recent advances in research and therapeutics
  6. Discuss some of the very complex headache cases we have come across in Pakistan with the global headache experts.

Group Photo of the Faculty & Organizers of the 5th National Headache Update
held at Islamabad on December 23rd, 2017.

Pakistan Headache Society uses appropriate ways & means to disseminate this academic activity across the country via print, electronic & social media. This update was held on December 23, 2017 as a day long program with 11 lectures plus a case presentation session. The visiting Professors designated for the event by the IHS were Prof. Messoud Ashina, with Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed being the other guest speaker. Others who participated were Dr. Sabrina Khan, Dr. Samaira Younis and Dr. Faisal Amin-all three being research associates with Prof. Messoud Ashina, and having come to Pakistan at their own initiative and funded by their institution.

The daylong event was moderated by Dr. Abdul Malik, In the end the Pakistan Headache Society awarded Lifetime Membership of the Society to Prof. Messoud Ashina & Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed.