Speakers pay rich tributes to late Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon for his contributions to dermatology


  Condolence meeting at JPMC

Speakers pay rich tributes to
late Prof.Tahir Saeed Haroon for
his contributions to dermatology

KARACHI: Department of Dermatology at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre organized a condolence meeting for late Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon on January 13, 2018 which was very well attended by dermatologists from various medical institutions in the city. Various speakers expressed their feelings and paid rich tributes to Prof.Tahir Saeed Haroon who established the department of dermatology and  served here as Head of the Department for many years before shifting to Lahore and joining King Edward Medical College from where he later retired as Head of the Department.

In her introductory remarks Dr. Rabia stated that late Prof.Tahir Saeed Haroon graduated from King Edward Medical College in 1961 and did MRCP from UK in 1973. He was working as Consultant dermatologist in Bradford, UK before he came to Pakistan and joined the Dept. of Dermatology at JPMC in 1976. He authored a very informative book ABC of Dermatology, contributed over one hundred articles in peer reviewed journals besides having authored fifteen books in Urdu poetry. He started MCPS and later FCPS in dermatology with the help of his colleagues and trained over one hundred dermatologists. He served as President of Pakistan Association of Dermatologists and President of Pakistan Medical Journalists Association .Dr. Manzoor Memon and Mr. Liaquat paid rich tributes and recalled his services to promote the discipline of dermatology in Pakistan.

Mr.Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor Pulse International and Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences recalled the history of Pakistan Association of Dermatologists  formed in 1978 with Dr.Nusrat Ali Sheikh as President and Dr.Tahir Saeed Haroon as Secretary and how Dr. T.S.Haroon along with Dr. Khursheed H.Alvi, Dr.Aleem Saeed Qureshi and Cdr Rashid  regularly organized clinical meetings in rotation at JPMC, PNS Shifa, Skin Centre and K.V.Site Hospital which went a long way in establishing the discipline of dermatology on sound footing, I will be shortly writing a detailed feature, obituary  note on late Prof.Tahir Saeed Haroon which will highlight his achievements, accomplishments and how he struggled to get recognition for this discipline in Pakistan, he added.

Dr. Naeem Iqbal pointed out that late Prof.Tahir Saeed Haroon was a multifaceted personality who had numerous qualities. He was honest, strict in discipline, keen researcher, good teacher and trainer and above all a very kind hearted physician.  Dr. Baddar Dhanani said that he had a great passion for teaching and could easily identify the talent and different qualities among his postgraduate students. Dr. Tahir Anees recalled his contributions in training postgraduates many of whom are heading various departments of dermatology in the country. Dr. Payar Ali, Dr. Tasneem, Dr. Naeemuddin, Dr. Ijaz, Brig. Ajmal, Dr. Yasmeena Khan, Jawaid Memon also spoke on the occasion and expressed their sentiments, feelings paying rich tributes to late Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon. Dr.Yasmeena Khan urged the dermatologist to remember Dr. Tahir Saeed’s advice to them at the last dermatology conference and uphold the professional ethics.

Prof. Zarnaz Wahid, Principal of Dow International Medical College and Professor of Dermatology at Dow University of Health Sciences became very emotional and could not control her tears. She recalled how difficult it was for her to get enrolled as a postgraduate student with Prof.Tahir Saeed Haroon. He refused to enroll me saying that you will get married, will have children and won’t be able to devote much time while this requires lot of devotion, dedication and hard work. However, I was encouraged by my colleagues who asked me to come and sit in the class. At the most, what will happen, you will be asked to leave the class. I took courage and started attending the classes fearing that I may be asked to leave any moment but luckily it did not happen and slowly and gradually I was able to enroll myself as a student.  I had to go to UK for a year and later when I returned, Prof.T.S.Haroon had gone to Lahore. I had to go to Lahore to complete my training and it was a very difficult time for me. Many of my colleagues said that you will never get FCPS but I never gave up and eventually earned my Fellowship in Dermatology. Now I have achieved a lot in my professional career and it is all because of late Prof.Tahir Saeed Haroon. Later on he invited as an observer in FCPS exam and then I also became an examiner. During the last SAARC Dermatology conference organized by Pakistan Association of Dermatologists at Lahore in November 2017, Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon was honoured by inviting him as the Chief Guest and he was also presented a Life Time Achievement Award on this occasion.  It provided us all an opportunity to meet him and we never realized that it might prove our last meeting with him. He was not keeping good health but even then he spent lot of time attending all the sessions besides gracing the Dinner with his presence. He was a strict disciplinarian and we were always afraid of him, many a times some of the postgraduates were fined for indiscipline. Later Fateha was offered for the departed soul.

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