CPSP Fellows to elect the new twenty members Council on February 21st


CPSP elections 2015 likely to  bring in some new faces

CPSP Fellows to elect the new twenty
members Council on February 21st

Voters will also elect five members of Faculties of Medicine,
Surgery, Obs/Gynae, Pediatrics and Ophthalmology

KARACHI: Fellows of College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) will elect the twenty member new council as well as members of the various faculties for the Year 2015-2019 on February 21st 2015.  As per election schedule only Fellows in good standing are eligible to contest elections and cast their vote.  CPSP is perhaps the only medical institution in Pakistan which enjoys international credibility and over the years has made tremendous progress and development.  Yet another unique feature of this institution is its democratic character as it has always tried to hold transparent elections. Credit for all this goes to the successive Council members and administration as each one of them has contributed their share to the present stature of this institution.

The election process was set in motion on January 16th 2015 with the notification for CPSP Council and Faculties elections. As per election schedule final list of voters was prepared on January 28th and the last date for filing nominations was January 30th 2015.  Last date for withdrawal of nominations is February 7th while the final list of candidates will be available on February 9th and the voting will take place on February 21st all the CPSP Centers across the country. This ensures that maximum number of Fellows can cast their vote at their nearest center.

Elections will be held for eleven seats for Punjab,   Six for Sindh, Two for Khyber PK and one for Baluchistan. The candidates securing highest number of votes on all Pakistan bases will be declared elected against the allocated provincial quota.   Elections for faculties of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Ophthalmology will also take place simultaneously. There are five faculty positions in each faculty which are distributed as Punjab two, KPK one, Sindh and Baluchistan two. Election rules also prohibit canvassing hence no candidate for any office is allowed to canvass the fellows for their votes directly or indirectly by panel formation, holding pre-election meeting or hosting dinners etc. Any candidate found violating this can be debarred from elections.

During the current elections many new faces are likely to emerge in the new council. CPSP is an academic institutions and fellows while electing the new Council and Faculties should look at the honesty, professional integrity, competence, academic accomplishments of the candidates and elect people on merit who are capable of making some positive contributions further enhancing the image of the CPSP.  In the recent past there was a move to establish a separate College of Physicians & Surgeons in Sindh province which was condemned by majority of the fellows. However, one needs to have a critical analysis as to why this move was initiated? May be there is some feeling of deprivation hence during the elections the fellows must ensure that those elected to the new council are true representatives of the Fellows in their respective regions. It will also be better if in future the new Council decides that the office of President should be rotated for two years between North and South. If need be some amendments to the elections rules can also be made later on which can ensure that those elected are the real representatives of their respective regions. It will further strengthen this institution in the days to come.

Previously CPSP was the only medical institution in the field of postgraduate medical education offering various programmes, courses but now a number of medical universities have also started various progammes leading to Diploma and Masters Degrees.  Hence, in the coming years, CPSP leadership must be prepared to face new challenges ahead. So far CPSP has the unique distinction of holding its examinations on schedule as well as elections in a very transparent manner which is indeed commendable. All this has helped it to protect its integrity.

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