Excerpts from Message by Prof Mohammad Hafizullah President, Pakistan Cardiac Society


Excerpts from Message by Prof Mohammad Hafizullah President, Pakistan Cardiac Society*


The road map of Pakistan Cardiac Society concentrates on fortifying the institution of PCS, focusing on preventive cardiology and responding to the new needs of an ever expanding specialty. Four new scientific councils – Academics, Cardiovascular Research, Quality assurance and Credentialing and Peripheral arterial disease have been introduced. Academics is mandated to start, organize and facilitate training courses in all the fields of cardiology. Council on Quality Assurance and credentialing shall initiate and establish process of credentialing for different competencies, centralized national registry of ACS, Angiography, PCI and other interventional procedures and quality assurance of processes and outcomes. Research Council will create research fund for epidemiological, clinical and basic science research and invite research proposals for goal orientated research. 

Pakistan Cardiac Society is fully committed to the target of 25*25 – launched by World Heart Federation. This sets a goal of reducing the burden of premature cardiovascular deaths by 25% by year 2025. In the developing world non communicable diseases (NCDs) present a major challenge to health. To achieve this goal, well-structured and properly resourced setups for prevention and control of non-communicable diseases need to be established in all Institutes, centers and departments of cardiology. Institutes and departments having an active catheterization laboratory should be mandated to have a preventive setup. Physicians with background in public health should be appointed for stewardship of the agenda for non-communicable diseases with added human resource from nutrition and epidemiology/statistics, psychology backgrounds. These setups should be integrated with a central centre at provincial health department. The provincial centers should integrate and cooperate and report the disease indicators and progress to the public and federal government with the support of PCS. Steps should be taken to strengthen the existing programs, avoid creation of parallel structures, and integrate delivery of prevention and management of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes at grass root levels.

We have to improve the outcomes of patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome by providing evidence based reperfusion treatment in an organized way in emergency with safety net for the under-privileged. Currently very few centers, if any, can afford to offer primary PCI to all patients but efforts need to be made in this direction, initially in selected patients and later for all comers. The pharmaco invasive strategy of rapid and early administration of fibrinolytic therapy followed by PCI, if required, within 24 hours should be practical in most hospitals without PCI capability. Such a strategy can work well in our resource restrained environments where patients can be selected for further interventions guided by the current guidelines. Meanwhile early, widespread and efficient use of Streptokinase has to be made mandatory - even in peripheral hospitals. Development of free emergency interventional services is direly needed with allocation of special funds in all public and private setups to encourage primary PCI.

A more interactive and responsive Pakistan Cardiac Society Website has been launched to increase visibility and encourage, facilitate, harmonize, regulate and disseminate chapters’ activities. This offers a forum for scientific councils to project their activities and achievements for dissemination.  The website provides a discussion forum and share recent guidelines and important studies. The website shall carry afford pictorial coverage of different PCS activities and shortcut to Pakistan Heart Journal.        

Conferences like this provide an opportunity to ponder over the current challenges and plan a strategy to overcome them. I am confident that members of Pakistan Cardiac Society have the intellect to take cognizance of these issues and plan a comprehensive course of action. We need to have the necessary will power and zeal to implement this plan and this shall be the focus of our society for the current term.

* At the recently held cardiology conference at Karachi.

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