Why respiratory therapists matter in healthcare?


Why respiratory therapists
matter in healthcare?

By Sana Rashid

Quite a number of diverse technologies and advancements are waiting to be embraced by healthcare society, respiratory therapy is one of them. Despite the fact some steps have been taken to improve it but it still leaves much to be desired.

Respiratory therapists are the specialized health professionals who are dedicated to breathing. Respiratory therapy is a field related to airway management, clinical assessment, evaluation of traumatic, Emergency and ventilated patients as well as patients presenting with cardiopulmonary diseases. Respiratory therapists are especially trained in taking advance care of ventilated patients and take part in decision making with doctors. It is a diverse field in a way that no rehabilitation centre team is complete all over the world without a respiratory therapist. The  reason being that they not only asses breathing difficulties in patients but  also provide therapeutic treatments like bronchial hygiene techniques , various breathing exercises and chest physiotherapy to a general patient population as needed. They also educate to prevent pulmonary complications in CVA patients, neuromuscular diseases patients, special children and guide families and societies when it comes to long term respiratory care or home oxygen therapy.

In asthma clinics they perform and interpret PFTs leading to the evaluation of patients and guide them .They also pay home care visits to teach patients and families the use of assistive equipments like Bipap, Cpap machine. Their area of clinical practice includes ICU, CCU , Emergency department, Cardiopulmonary rehab , Physical rehab , Home care visits, Asthma clinic. Services of Respiratory Therapists should be acquired since we are always short of trained medical staff in ICUs and emergency dept, lack of educated ventilator operators who understand patient need. In certain situations, awareness about prevention of infectious diseases is always required, every person suffering from long term disabilities of any kind specially related to respiratory disorders is entitled to have improved quality of life. We Respiratory Therapists can make a difference and help people in raising their quality of life. So utilize our expertise for the better care of these patients.

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