PSIM to provide common platform to all professional specialty organizations to overcome dearth of leadership-Prof. Javed Akram


PSIM Chapter in Sindh province inaugurated
PSIM to provide common platform to all
professional specialty organizations to overcome
dearth of leadership-Prof. Javed Akram
We need to restore the image and dignity of the
medical profession - Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Vohra
Consortium of medical societies is needed to ensure
that our voice is heard - Prof. Khurshid Khan

KARACHI: At present we cannot register our voce. We need to bring together people from the medical profession who think alike and act alike. There is lot of disintegration within the medical profession and many conflicts. To overcome all this and to ensure that medical profession gets some voce which is heard by all concerned, Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine (PSIM) has decided to provide a common platform to all the professional specialty organizations in Paksitan. This was stated by Prof. Javed Akram, Vice Chancellor University of Health Sciences and President of PSIM. He was speaking at a meeting organized here on November 16th to formally launch the Sindh Chapter of PSIM. The meeting was chaired by patron of PSIM and an eminent physician Prof.Ejaz Ahmad Vohra alongwith Prof. Masood Hameed and it was very well attended by physicians.

Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Vohra (second from left) Patron of PSIM chairing the formal
launch of Sindh Chapter of PSIM on November 16, 2019. Also sitting on the
Dais from (L to R) are Dr. Somia Iqtidar GS PSIM, Prof. Masood Hameed
and Prof. Javed Akram President of PSIM.

Internal medicine, Prof. Javed Akram said was the mother specialty and it was unfortunate that so far we did not have an organization of our own. We founded this society in January 2019 and during the last few months it has accomplished a lot. More recently the PM&DC was dissolved which has been replaced by Pakistan Medical Commission without taking all the stakeholders into confidence. It has created lot of crisis within the medical profession. All this happened because we did not had a voice and we could not project our viewpoint at appropriate forums. Future of medical profession in Paksitan is at stake. We need a central piece of alignment for the medical profession and it should be the patient. In this platform which we intend to establish there will be representation to all the disciplines and we will have a Chair for every specialty so that we can overcome the dearth of leadership in the medical profession. PSIM also intends to offer Fellowship in the days to come. We will come up with our own guidelines on different topics and aspects so that we do not have to follow others. We as clinicians have lot of responsibilities, hence we need to collaborate and cooperate with each other. Ever since its inception PSIM, he said, has not only worked in the field of prevention of diseases, health education of people but also taken up important issues like situation in the occupied Kashmir Valley just to draw the world attention to atrocities being committed by the occupying Indian forces there.

Prof. Khurshid Khan President PES was named Chairperson of Endocrinology Section
in PSIM. Picture shows him receiving the memento at the PSIM Sindh Chapter launch
meeting held on Nov. 16th at Karachi. Also seen in the picture from (L to R) are
Prof.Tariq Waseem, Dr. Somia Iqtidar, Prof. Masood Hameed,
Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Vohra and Prof. Javed Akram.

Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Vohra Patron of PSIM in his address said that no one can deny the importance of the specialty of internal medicine. I had suggested to the CPSP that all postgraduates should complete a three years fellowship in Internal Medicine before taking up any sub-specialty but they did not agree. In one of the studies, he had read that almost 50% of female patients consult the obstetricians and gynecologists for their medical problems. He then announced the name of Prof. Bikaram Vice Chancellor Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences who has been selected as one of the Vice Presidents of PSIM to represent Sindh province. Then Prof. Bika Ram announced the Presidents of different chapters in the province. It included Prof. Shamsudidn Sheikh who was named as President of PSIM Chapter in Nawabshah, Prof. Muzzafar Ali Sheikh who was named as President of Hyderabad Chapter while Prof. Hakim Ali Abro was named President of Larkana Chapter.

Prof. Tariq Waseem one of the moving spirit behind PSIM in his brief address said that PSIM was a different professional specialty organization. We wish to promote academic and research culture, we wish to educate our younger generation. We have established chapters all over the country and they all have been very active. We held a very successful Mid-Summer meeting at Swat and will hold our first International Conference at Lahore in March 2020. He then announced that Prof. Zaman Sheikh has been nominated as the Chairman for Diabetes section while Prof.Khursheed Ali Khan President of Paksitan Endocrine Society was named as Chairman of Endocrinology section. Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid a medical journalist, Chief Editor Pulse International was selected as Chairman of Press and Publications as the PSIM also intends to start publishing a journal shortly.

Prof. Khursheed Ali Khan speaking on the occasion said that at present medical profession do not have an effective voice and it appears as if the doctors in Pakistan are voiceless people. The government announced service charges on lawyers and the decision was withdrawn when they protested. Recently the Chief Minister Punjab has approved a levy of service charges on patients who will pay a consultation which is highly uncalled for and we need to reject it. A Consortium of medical societies is needed and he will discuss this proposal in PES Executive Committee and I hope they will have no objection to it and we can work together.

PSIM has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pakistan Nutrition and
Diabetes Society for collaboration in academics. Picture  shows President
of PNDS and Prof. Javed Akram exchanging the  documents after
signing of an MOU at Karachi on Nov. 16, 2019.

Accepting the nomination to Chair the Press and Publication Committee Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid remarked that he hoped, the PSIM Executive will not regret their decision. He further stated that he will help and support them as long as they uphold professional ethics.

Prof.A.H.Amar an eminent member and former President of Pakistan Society of Endocrinology from Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar said that when we wanted to start Fellowship in Endocrinology, we talked to the CPSP. Now Endocrinology as well as Rheumatology is a second Fellowship. You need to plead your case effectively with CPSP leadership and convince them, he remarked. He then shared with the participants the salient features of proposed SAFE PAK study. SAFE stands for Safety and Efficacy of EMPA in Pakistani Muslim Patients. This study on Empagliflozin will look into safety and efficacy of this agent in diabetic Muslim patients. Most of the patients with diabetes, he said, die due to cardiovascular complications that is why now FDA does not approve any new drug for diabetes unless its safety in cardiac patients is established. Safety and efficacy of SGLT2 agents is well established but we wish to generate local data to establish its safety and efficacy in our own patients in this part of the world so that we can prescribe it with confidence and peace of mind. All patients suffering from Type-2 diabetes between the ages of 18-75 years will be included in the study. We have identified various investigators all over the country and as per study protocol urine culture of all the patients will be done in the beginning. We have already enrolled some patients. Those with positive culture will be excluded.

Prof. Masood Hamed in his address suggested that let us ensure that there is no politics in the society which is very dangerous. He also suggested that we must remember our seniors and also supported three years training in internal medicine before opting for Fellowship in any sub-specialty being offered by CPSP.

Later PSIM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pakistan Nutrition and Diabetes Society for collaboration. PNDS it was stated was formed in 2003 and it has about one thousand members. Earlier Dr. Somia Iqtidar General Secretary of PSIM in her most comprehensive report highlighted the aims, objectives as well as academic activities of the society and its accomplishments so far which was very much appreciated by all those present.

The meeting was sponsored by Getz Pharma. Dr. Jehan Zeb from Medical Affairs Department also introduced Getz Pharma and its various academic as well as Corporate Social Responsibilities initiatives.