An evening with Attaul Haq Qasmi for PES conference participants


 An evening with Attaul Haq Qasmi
 for PES conference participants 

ISLAMABAD: PharmEvo is known for promoting culture, Urdu literature and encouraging reading habits among the society as one of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative to fulfil its mission of striving for a Healthier society. It was in this context that it organized an Evening with noted writer, author and columnist Mr. Attaul Haq Qasmi during the Gala Dinner for the participants of Pakistan Endocrine Society’s annual conference held at Islamabad on November 19, 2016.

In his hour long discourse Mr. Attaul Haq Qasmi narrated many incidents, anecdotes and also read some of his writings which have appeared in his columns and also published in his books and amused the audience. If on one hand, it was an occasion to laugh and enjoy the evening, if looked at seriously, it also had a very important message for the healthcare professionals. It laid emphasis on ethical medical practice. It is unfortunate that at present the image of the medical profession is at its lowest ebb due to various reasons. Whether he referred to smoking or treatment of dysentery, highlighting the unethical medical practices, advice and Waseet by a senior doctor to his doctor son, it reflected the highly unethical medical practice indulged in by the healthcare professionals these days.  Some of them, it is alleged, tend to keep the patients with them for too long, treat them inappropriately, do not use optimal drug therapy which could ensure cure, do not  refer the patient timely to the tertiary care centers of other doctor colleagues who are more competent  and knowledgeable  and could manage these patients better. It is the materialistic virus which has infected these healthcare professionals that they have forgotten the Hippocratic Oath, basic principles of medical ethics ensuring Do No Harm under any circumstances.

Mr. Attaul Haque Qasmi formally inaugurating a Book Faiz and Faraz produced by
PharmEvo during the PES conference held at Islamabad recently. Picture also
shows Prof. Ali Jawa, Prof.Najmul Islam, Prof. Zaman Sheikh and
some senior executives of PharmEvo.

In yet another case, he said, my elder brother was a chain smoker and he was once admitted to the hospital for chest infection.  One day he was feeling a strong desire to smoke, hence, he took away the mask, went outside the hospital, smoke two cigarettes and then came back on the bed and put on the mask again. When the doctor came on round, he asked him, “How you are feeling today?” At this my brother replied, much better.  The consultant said, ensure compliance with drug therapy and continue precautions which were conveyed to you earlier. You will be better soon. The consultant did not bother to check and examine him, had he examined him, he would have come to know that my brother had just come back after smoking a few cigarrets. That is how most of  the doctors practice medicine these days without any regard for clinical skills, are not aware of the importance of good history taking and physical examination, perhaps they are not taught to them these days

Mr. Attaul Haq Qasmi did not spare his journalist colleagues either. He pointed out that Media has now become a Mafia in itself and the electronic media in particular takes pleasure in projecting the negative image of Pakistan and some of the channels and anchor persons were busy doing this service daily. They sit on the TV channels in the evening and for couple of hours, they do not see anything good in Pakistan. They feel it is their duty to criticize every action of the Government of the day, destabilize the democratic system, and create hurdles in economic development of the country. He also revealed that once he selected a few big names and then wrote about all the weaknesses in them one can think off. Then in the second immediate paragraph of the same column, I also wrote that whatever I have written above is totally false without any truth. The next day I received a phone call congratulating me for the column and when I said to the caller did you read the second paragraph, he  said, but what you wrote first is a fact and noting but the whole truth.  This shows that our people also like and enjoy reading negative things, he remarked. Continuing Mr. Attaul Haq Qasmi said that once while visiting India, one of the journalists asked me about the military dictatorship in Pakistan when it was being ruled by Gen. Ziaul Haque, I ignored him and started talking about something else. He time and again would come back to the same topic and when I failed to stop him, I asked him how many people in India sleep on footpaths in New Delhi and Calcutta? He said a lot and some of them have grown up from children to adults. At this, I said, you come to Pakistan and just show me a single person sleeping on footpath anywhere in the country? If you succeed, I will accept the benefits of your democratic system. However, when I wrote this in the column, I had a foot note that advised General Ziaul Haque not to use this as a pre text to prolong his military rule but take steps reverting back to a democratic system. In fact I did not want to talk bad things about my country while overseas but there is no dearth of journalists these days who are not careful, do not follow any professional ethics. At time they come up with news reports, stories which are highly detrimental to the national interests and security of Pakistan, but they have no regrets, something which needs to be condemned. It is the duty of print and electronic media not to promote frustration, helplessness, depression but project a positive image of the country. We all Pakistanis must do our best to contribute whatever we can to strengthen this country, create a conducive atmosphere and environment for improving peace, harmony among different sections of the society, contribute our share in the improvement of law and order situation which is essential for economic development. The authorities also need to ensure that they uphold merit and social justice, he remarked. Later he formally inaugurated a new book published by PharmEvo which is a selection of poetry from world renowned poets of Pakistan i.e. Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Ahmad Fraz.  Copies of this book were also distributed among the participants.