Brig. A. R. Siddiqi recalls tragic events of Partition and Wars between India and Pakistan


 Atco Literary Society meeting

Brig. A. R. Siddiqi recalls tragic events of Partition
and Wars between India and Pakistan

KARACHI: In order to pay tributes and recognize contributions of Brig. A. R.Siddiqi a noted writer, author and critical defense analyst, Atco Literary Society in collaboration with Jameeat Punjabi Saudagaran Delhi (JPSD) organized an Evening with him on November 29, 2016. The meeting was very well attended by people from different walks of life including well known literary figures and media persons.

Speaking at the occasion Brig. A. R.Siddiqi who was Director General of Inter Services Public Relations at the time of tragic events of military operations in the then East Pakistan, said that our planning was defective and Gen.Niazi’s failure to fight resulted in our surrender to the Indian Army. Lot of atrocities were committed in those days from both sides.

Atco Literary Society in collaboration with Jamiat Punjabi Saudagran Delhi Organized an evening with famous writers
Brig. A.R. Siddqui at Karachi recently. Group photograph shows Brig. A.R. Siddqui along with Mr. Saeed Allahwala,
Chief of Atco (Extreme Right) Mr. Farhan Raza, (Extreme Left) and office bearers of JPSD.

At the time of partition of India in 1947  Hari Singh had left Srinagar and went to India on 27th October and also signed a treaty with India handing over the state to Indians. At the same time there was a Tribal Invasion of Kashmir and these Lashkars from Pakistan’s tribal areas reached up to BaraMaula but then stopped and since they were not under an army command, did not listen to their leaders and instead got involved in loot and plunder. He also talked about his early childhood in Delhi and his commission in Army, his service in Civil and Military Gazette. The war in Kashmir led by Lashkars ended within four months. Some senior Generals died in Jangshahi Crash and Ayub Khan became Major General and assumed important position in the army. In 1954, Pakistan became a member of SENTO and SEATO and thus became an ally of United States. Governor General Ghulam Muhammad dissolved the then Constituent Assembly in 1954 and this was the time that the Army came in full control of governing the country.  

Continuing Brig. A. R. Siddiqui said that 1965 was the War which was winnable for Pakistan. Starting on September 6th it ended on September 23, 1965. Though the war itself ended but war environment and hysteria persisted. We have been caught between Religion and War. He also referred to the Six Points of Sheikh Mujeeb Ur Rehman, Mr.Z.A.Bhutto speech advising the MNAs travelling to Dacca to attend the National Assembly session to buy just one way ticket as they won’t be allowed to come back and their legs will be broken. He also stated that after the 1965 war, during his visit to East Pakistan, Mr. Bhutto had thanked China for protecting East Pakistan at which people of East Pakistan thought that it is China and not Pakistan which can protect us. In December some army generals joined hands with Bhutto and the operation in East Pakistan started between the nights of March 24-25th 1971.

Later responding to questions, Brig.A. R. Siddiqi said that I wish Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had not made that speech wherein he had said that now you are free to go to your mosques, churches and temples as Religion has nothing to do with the State. Perhaps it was an attempt to have a Secular Pakistan but it was too late since the freedom from India was started in the name of Islam and it was said that the whole struggle is for a country for Muslims. During the 1971 War with India, we had no plans and we lost courage.

Earlier Mr. Saeed Allawala Chief of Atco Laboratories in his welcome address thanked the guests for their presence and also introduced the Guest Brig. A. R. Siddiqi. He also recalled his achievements and accomplishments as a professional journalist, author and writer who have authored a large number of books. A personal website of Brig.A.R. Siddiqui ( which provides lot of information about his career, books, awards etc., was also formally inaugurated on this occasion. The meeting was moderated by Mr. Farhan Raza on behalf of Atco Literary Society and office bearers of Jameeat Punjabi Saudagaran Delhi also addressed the gathering. The organizers also presented two books of Brig. A.R. Siddiqi i.e.  Taqseem-e-Hind and Return of Bahadur Shah Zafar in Urdu and Smoke without Fire in English to the guests. In a country where there is no habit of buying books and no reading culture, it was indeed commendable on the part of the organizers which will go a long way in promoting reading habits in the society.