About 17% of adults above the age of Twenty Years are diabetic in Pakistan - Prof. A.H. Amar


 Diabetes Prevalence Survey of Pakistan by PES

About 17% of adults above the age of Twenty
Years are diabetic in Pakistan - Prof. A.H. Amar

Survey also shows 11% are pre-diabetics and prevalence is
higher in uneducated above 40 years of age and those
with family history of diabetes

LAHORE: A Diabetes Prevalence Survey conducted by Pakistan Endocrine Society in Pakistan including all the four provinces, Gilgit Baltistan as well as Azad Kashmir has showed that about 17% of adult above the age of twenty years were suffering from diabetes. This was disclosed by Prof. A. H. Amar an eminent endocrinologist and former President of Pakistan Endocrine Society while sharing the details of this survey with the participants of South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies (SAFES) and 15th annual conference of Pakistan Endocrine Society held here from November 23-26, 2017. He was speaking in the special session entitled “Past, Present and Future: How Are We Doing” wherein delegates from Bangladesh, Nepal and Sir Lanka also highlighted the working being done in this regard in their respective countries.

BIDE, in its survey, it may be mentioned here had earlier reported the prevalence of diabetes as 19.05% known diabetics, 7.14% as newly diagnosed while prevalence of pre-diabetics was 14.47%.

Giving further details Prof. A. H. Amar said that according to various studies conducted and published from Pakistan the prevalence of diabetes is reported to be from 7.2% to 13%. However, according to the IDF Atlas for the Year 2017, the prevalence of diabetes in Pakistan is shown to be 6.56% which means that there are 7.6 Million diabetics in Pakistan. It further stated that the number of undiagnosed cases of diabetes in Pakistan was about 4.6 Million. The Diabetes Prevalence Survey of Pakistan by Pakistan Endocrine Society, he said, used multi staged random sampling technique. People both from Urban and rural areas were screened for which HbAIc and OGTT was used. In all there were 378 clusters of which 162 were in the urban areas. The total number of people who were eligible for evaluation included 18,856 which is one of the highest number screened so far. It included 53% male and 47% were female. The overall prevalence of diabetes was about 17%, of which 9. 4% were not diagnosed while the prevalence of pre-diabetics was 11%.

This survey, Prof. A. H.Amar further stated showed that the prevalence of diabetes goes up after the age of forty years. Not only was that but the prevalence of diabetes much higher in those who were uneducated as well as those with family history of diabetes. As per this survey there are about 35.3 million people suffering from diabetes in Pakistan and the number of pre-diabetics was 22.6 Million. This survey also revealed that 35% of Pakistan’s population was overweight. For every three people known to be suffering from diabetes, there are two who are un-known diabetics and another two in the pre-diabetic phase. He commended the efforts of all those who were involved in conducting this survey all over the country and they were called up to the stage for appreciation. This included Prof Saeed Mahar, Dr. Abbas Raza, Prof. Ali Jawa, Faisal Masood Qureshi, Osama Ishtiaq and others.

Earlier Prof. A. K. Azad Khan from BIRDEM and Diabetic Association of Bangladesh and Prof. Noel Somasundaram from Sri Lanka also addressed the gathering and shared the situation of diabetes in their respective countries.

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