Healthcare Management with focus on Hospital Management


 Post-graduate Diploma Program at IBA

Healthcare Management with focus
 on Hospital Management

Healthcare status and its delivery in Pakistan, is almost a century behind that of Developed Nations like America. With the vision to improve the situation by capacity building in healthcare management, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), under the leadership of Dr. Ishrat Husain and Mr. Izhar Hussain (Director CEE) took initiative in 2014, to establish a healthcare management unit at IBA. Under this unit, the first course launched in 2014 was a Post-graduate diploma (PGD) program in healthcare management (focus in Hospital Management).

The reason to start with this diploma is the future need for trained healthcare professionals, and especially in the management of hospitals. Furthermore, Pakistan does not have specialized centers for elderly care, which will be needed in future.

This PGD, is a weekend program open to all post graduate students, fulfilling our eligibility criteria. It comprises of 12 courses, leading into EMBA program. The courses are structured around the “REST” model strategy.

Research: Epidemiology, Demography, Biostatistics and Research Methodologies.

Education: Communication Skills, Leadership and Strategic Management.

Systems: Organizational Behavior and Human Resources; basics of Hospital Design; Aligning Operations; Supply Chain, Information, Financial and Quality management.

Training: Participants will be provided an opportunity of first hand learning in research, report writing and management skills. 

The course is designed based on capacity building of existing managers and the aspirants for the position of hospital management.

Local and International collaborations are being developed for the course. Locally, MOU have been signed with the Indus hospital and Liaquat National Hospital and discussions are on with other hospitals. Internationally, an understanding with the Medinah Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneur ship and American Institute of Healthcare Quality has been reached for collaboration.

This course will bring significant revenue and adding other certificate courses in healthcare will bring additional revenues. We intend to expand the horizon of our work in the areas of healthcare insurance, and policy development areas.

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