World Diabetes Day at SSIDE


 World Diabetes Day at SSIDE

KARACHI: A seminar was organized at Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences, Karachi, by Sir Syed Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (SSIDE) to celebrate “World Diabetes Day.”Dr. A. Samad Shera was the chief guest while Guests of honor were Dr. Moin-ud-din Shaikh, Prof. Abdul Basit and Dr. Saeed A. Mahar.

Director of SSIDE, Prof. M. Zaman Shaikh in his speech on this occasion emphasized that patients with diabetes ought to take good care of their blood sugar level in order to live a healthy life. Talking on the significance of lifestyle changes, he stressed the need of doing daily physical exercise in the form of daily brisk morning walk for at least 30 minutes for average diabetes patient, adapt sensible dieting, lose excessive body weight and avoid smoking. He further said that healthy breakfast must be taken to stabilize the metabolism of body. He also said that fruits must be taken in raw form and not as juices or shakes. He added that fish is the best source of protein and better be taken twice a week. Chicken is also healthy protein and white meat, but must not be taken as broast chicken. Dry fruits, especially almonds contain mono-unsaturated fat and is good for health. He said that anxiety and tension make sugar out of control due to release of stress hormones in the body. He further said that there are three white poisons which should be avoided. They are white flour, sugar and salt.

Chairman of Sir Syed Medical College Dr. Moin-ud-din Shaikh being presented a
mementoe by Prof. Zaman Sheikh at the World Diabetes Day meeting organized
by SSIDE. Also seen in the picture are Prof. Abdul Basit 
from BIDE and Dr. Samad Shera from DAP

Dr. A. Samad Shera highlighted the importance of “Prevention and Management of Diabetes Mellitus”, He emphasized on the proper usage and administration of insulin. He said that insulin injections should be taken at accurate timings and that the appropriate sites of injecting it are front of thighs and abdomen. Awareness is the key to Prevention of Diabetes, he added.

Professor Abdul Basit, Director of Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology,  provided useful information  about the “ Epidemic of Diabesity” He mentioned that certain risk factors are involved for developing diabetes which include being overweight, over the age of 40, history of  diabetes in family and being of south Asian origin; having two or more risk factors could mean that the person is more prone to develop diabetes at some stage of life.

Dr. Shabeen Naz Masood, Consultant Gynecologist, highlighted “ The Dilemma in Screening and Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)”. She explained that the screening time for (GDM) ideally should be before conception, at first ante-natal visit, at 24-28 wks of gestation  and also postnatally.

Dr. Saeed A Mahar, President of Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES) informed about the establishment of PES some 13years ago. He gave details of various academic programs, organized under the banner of PES and urged doctors to get awareness about different endocrine diseases.

Mr. Yogi Wajahatspoke about the significance of yoga in patients with diabetes. He was of the view that there are two types of yoga: classical and non-classical. The one that is beneficial for diabetes patients is non-classical yoga. He suggested and demonstrated Apanmudhra, Kapal Bhatti, Mandac position and sound watching for 20 minutes and said that these can be of great importance in controlling diabetes. He also emphasized upon regular physical exercise in order to prevent and control avoid diabetes as lack of it is also a causative factor for diabetes.

Dr. Moin-ud-Din Shaikh, Chairman of Sir Syed College of Medical Science, also spoke on this occasion and thanked the participants. After the scientific session, free blood sugar, blood pressure and obesity (BMI) test as well as body fat measurement were performed.(PR)