Pharma industry should move towards innovations, specialty, complex drugs, innovations in dosage, drug delivery system besides combination therapy


 Mergers and Acquisitions is a sinking ship-Dr. Musaddiq Malik

Pharma industry should move towards innovations,
specialty, complex drugs, innovations in dosage,
drug delivery system besides combination therapy

We should move from chemicals to biologicals
as Days of selling chemistry are numbered

LAHORE: Global pharmaceutical market was going very fast. There was a time when USA and Japan accounted for 62% of the world pharma market but then China and India entered the market. During the last few years the pharma market has grown by 1.4% in the developed countries as compared to 14.5% growth in the developing countries.  This was stated by Dr. Musaddiq Malik Advisor to the Prime Minister while making a presentation on “How the industry should evolve to remain competitive in future” at the Pakistan Pharma Summit-III organized by Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association here from July 24-25, 2017.

Dr. Musaddiq Malik

Research and Development cost, he said was also increasing fast. There is growth in biologicals. Global Biosimilar spending is increasing. Pharma industry spending on R&D is increasing. We have seen strong value added marketing but we in Pakistan, were moving in the opposite direction. If we do not keep pace with developments, we will be left far behind. World, is going to move ahead with or without you, he added.

It is said that pharma industry spends over 2.6 billion US$ and it takes eight to ten years to market a product. Mergers and Acquisitions is a sinking ship. Pakistan Pharma industry has two choices i.e. local focus or global focus. We should move from chemicals to biologicals. Days of selling chemistry are numbered. The local focus will be looking for mergers and acquisitions, move into biologicals, sales, marketing and manufacturing. The global focus will be on moving towards innovations, specialty and complex drugs, innovations in dosage and drug delivery system besides combination therapy. You should focus on biosimilars and capacity to market complex biologicals. Manufacturing biologicals are very expensive. Biosimilars are coming into the market while biologicals are getting off patent. Regulatory incentives are needed. Look at companies like CIPLA and Reddy’s from India. CIPLA had focus on inhalers, nebulizers and innovative coating while Reddy’s concentrated on developing new therapeutic entities, metabolic, cardiovascular diseases, pain management and setting up special research centers.

Continuing Dr. Musaddiq Malik said that Star Track market vision was needed. Everything which was shown in those movies later became reality. There is magic power of innovations but we cannot think beyond formulations. Pharma industry’s future does not lie in moving backwards. Let us concentrate on Nano technology, Biosimilars, Cogno and Info. By 2045 we are heading for death to death. Regrow do not rehabilitate people. We should prevent disease rather than treating it, design and not inherit. We should be talking about death to death and not about age. He also briefly referred to neurolink and telepathy. Now a paraplegic can think and do it whatever he wishes to or is told with the help of a small head gear. In the days to come every inch will be connected but are we in the pharma industry ready for that.  The world is going to move forward with you or without you.  Very quickly the future is becoming present, he concluded.

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