Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha passes away due to complications of COVID19


Govt. recommends Civil Award for the late VC NMU
Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha passes away
due to complications of COVID19
Authorities urged to look after the 
families of those HCPs who have lost 
their lives fighting this COVID19 pandemic

MULTAN: July 15th was one of the saddest day for the members of the medical profession as on early morning Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha Vice Chancellor of Nishter Medical University passed away due to COVID19 infection and its complications. He became the latest senior most member of the medical profession to have embraced Shahadat serving the ailing humanity. The same day another distinguished medical personality Dr. Younus Soomro former Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Dow University of Health Sciences also left this world again due to COVID19 infection.

Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha

Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha got infected and was admitted to a private hospital where he was in isolation and a few days before his death, a video was uploaded on social media wherein he addressing his colleagues said that he was Ok, was just in isolation and will be with them soon. However, a few days later, his condition started deteriorating. He was put on ventilator and later a team of cardiac surgeons and pulmonary specialists, interventionists also came from Faisalabad and Lahore, they also brought with them ECMO machine from PKLI and he was shifted on it. On July 10th, he had some bleeding which was controlled but his condition did not improve much. A multidisciplinary team of specialists from Multan Institutes of Cardiology where he was shifted later, from King Edward Medical University/Mayo Hospital Lahore and Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology, was looking after him. They tried their best to save his life but he is reported to have developed coagulopathy, his lungs stopped working and he lost the battle for life after struggling for about two weeks. Ina Lillaha Wa Ina Ellahe Rajaoon. May Allah Almighty rest the departed soul in Peace. Ameen.

Late Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha was the son of an eminent medical personality Prof.M. Kamal who served as Nishtar Medical College Multan for many years. Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha was a noted laparoscopic surgeon who earned his fellowship in Surgery from UK. He was extremely humble, friendly and devoted to his profession. The news of his death spread all over the country immediately. His Nimaze Jinaza was offered at the Nishtar Medical University Campus which was largely attended by members of the medical profession not only from Multan but from Lahore and other cities as well besides representatives from the different segments of the society. Unfortunately throughout his hospitalization, the government did not give any importance, one did not see the news on the media as well which shows the importance the authorities give to the medical profession. However, it is heartening to note that now the Government has announced to honour him with a Civil Award which will encourage other healthcare professionals to serve with devotion and dedication being the front line soldiers fighting COVID19.

Late Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha Vice Chancellor of Nishtar Medical University
photographed with Prof. Javed Akram Vice Chancellor of UHS and Prof. Javed Iqbal
former Principal of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur.

It must be mentioned here that there were lot of complaints about the shortage of PPEs and other protective equipment by the doctors and nurses working at Nishtar Hospital and they had been protesting for many days. Even foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi an important leader of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf had also complained and urged the Punjab Health Minister to visit Multan personally to see the state of affairs and how this area was being neglected. This did force Prof. Yasmin Rashid to come to Multan and later efforts were made to provide the much needed PPEs, equipment and instruments, drugs for the COVID19 patients. In the meantime a large number of doctors, nurses and paramedics managing the Covid19 patients had been infected and some of them even lost their lives. Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha being the Vice Chancellor of Nishtar Medical University must also have been under lot of stress and strain particularly when a few doctors and nurses lost their lives while managing the COVID19 patients. This also highlights how the doctors heading various medical institutions are under pressure to face the situation. While the Government as usual complains of scarce resources and funds provided are not enough, those in administration have to face the wrath of patients and try to create a balance between the resources, facilities available and the burden of patients which is not an easy task. Office bearers and representatives of various professional bodies including Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), Young Doctors Association (YDA), Grand Doctors Alliance (GDA) have been demanding provision of PPEs and other protective equipment since the healthcare professionals managing the COVID19 patients are at a much greater risk but the arrangements made by the authorities left much to be desired. This corona virus has also exposed the weaknesses and short coming of health services not only in developing but also in developed world. Let us learn some lessons from this tragedy. Precious lives that we have lost including many eminent members of the medical profession is a great national loss. The family members of those HCPs who lost their lives are already going through difficult times, suffering from psychosocial disorders. They need to be looked after and one hopes the authorities won’t disappoint the medical profession.

It is also high time that the medical profession must also look into such issues and establish some relief fund/support fund for the families of the Healthcare professionals who have lost their lives during this pandemic. Some of them must be in dire need of some assistance.

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