PHL holds condolence meeting for late Prof. Syed Aslam


 PHL holds condolence meeting
for late Prof. Syed Aslam

KARACHI: Pakistan Hypertension League organized a condolence meeting for late Prof. Syed Aslam an eminent cardiologist and one of the founder members of NICVD on Saturday July 21st 2018 at PHL office. It was chaired by Prof. Syed Hamid Shafqat another distinguished cardiologist and a colleague of late Prof. Syed Aslam. Others who were present on this occasion included Prof. M. Ishaq, Prof. Asal Khan Tareen, Prof. Mansoor Ahmad, Dr. Najma Patel, Dr. Tariq Ashraf, Prof. Ishtiaq Rasul, Dr. Asad Abbas, Mr.Shaukat Ali Jawaid and others.

Speaking at the occasion Prof. S. H. Shafqat said that late Syed Aslam graduated from King Edward Medical College while I was a graduate of DMC. We both did MRCP and returned to Pakistan and got a job at JPMC in August 1961.  At that time there used to be nine Resident Medical Officers and we had to do everything as there was no proper cardiology ward. The pay of RMO in those days was just Rs. 300/- and since we had done MRCP we got the maximum pay of Rs. 450/- A Central Heart Clinic was established at JPMC in 1952. When the then PM of Pakistan fell sick in East Pakistan, a cardiologist had to be called from Calcutta to examine him, that is how the Government of Pakistan realized that they need to establish a cardiac center in the country. Col. M.H. Shah was asked by the Government to help establish a first class cardiac center at which he said that it is possible but for that we will have to appoint people on merit. The government agreed and both Dr. Aslam and I were selected through the Federal Public Service Commission as Assistant Professor. We were interviewed by late Col. M.H. Shah and Dr. A.R. Piracha.

Though we both qualified the same year but I was a little senior to late Syed Aslam in serviced. After the death of Dr. Qasim, Prof. Shaukat Ali Syed was appointed to head the cardiac center. I and Dr. Aslam worked as RMO for a very long time before we were selected as Assistant Professors. Late Dr. Syed Aslam, had a great command and love for Urdu language and when after the establishment of NICVD, we were shifted here, Dr. Aslam continued to write in Urdu and published numerous books with the objective to educate the patients. He wished that the patient should be educated in good health habits as well how to use healthy diet. He also used to spend lot of time with the patients to educate them. In those days the Medical Officers used to be very dedicated and since Dr. Aslam used to live in the hospital, he was always called when there was some cardiac emergency. Patients were always very grateful. Our parents never said anything bad about Pakistan hence we all came back to serve our own country. Prof. Ishtiaq Rasul, Dr. Najma Patel and Prof. Ishaq also paid rich tribute to late Dr. Syed Aslam and admired his simple living style, simple dress, his good clinical manners while examining the patients and looking after the patients even during night rounds in NICVD in the initial days, it was further stated that in those days, NICVD had a very small but highly dedicated and devoted faculty which worked hard to build the image of this institution as a center of excellence in cardiac care. Late Dr. Syed Aslam also played a great role in it being one of the founder members. The good moral values and clinical skills which these devoted physicians in those days carried should be promoted. They were part of the excellent teachers that we had.

Later Fateha was offered for the departed soul. May Allah Almighty rest the departed soul in Peace? Ameen.

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