Paediatric Surgeons should focus on surgical disorders of newborn-Haroon Khursheed Pasha


To strengthen, promote Paediatric surgery
Paediatric Surgeons should focus on
surgical disorders of newborn-
Haroon Khursheed Pasha

KARACHI: Paediatric Surgeons should focus on diseases of newborn surgical disorders instead of running after general surgical disorders. If they do so and practice it, it will make a big difference in strengthening and promoting the discipline of Paediatric surgery in Pakistan. This was stated by Prof. Haroon Khurshid Pasha a noted Paediatric surgeon who retired as Principal of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur about four years ago. He was making a video presentation as one of the invited Guest of Honour by the organizers of 29th International conference of Association of Paediatric Surgeons of Pakistan held at National Institute of Child Health, Karachi in the inaugural session on March 20th 2021.

Prof. Haroon Khursheed Pasha, it may be mentioned here was the First Fellow of CPSP in Paediatric Surgery in this specialty when it started in 1986. Recalling the requirements for training in Paediatric surgery and the pattern of examination in those days, Prof. Haroon Pasha said that after house job it used to be one year in general surgery having done thirty cases and then three years training to be eligible for FCPS-II examination but in case of Paediatric surgery the training period was for four years with a three months rotation in Paediatric medicine. Training was not structured and writing a Dissertation was a part of it. My dissertation was on Ano Rectal Malformations. Later OSCE started in Paediatric surgery as well. In the past only a few could get through FCPS-I but now the situation has changed and it was not so difficult.

Prof.Haroon Khursheed Pasha

Speaking about the examination, he said, when he appeared, there were six examiners while the seventh was a representative of PM&DC. It included four Paediatric surgeons i.e. Prof. Amanullah, late Prof. Naseem Raza, late Prof. Sagheer Ahmad, Prof. Mohsin Azhar Ali. The two general surgeons were late Prof. Shami and Prof. Ghulam Mustafa. I asked them that they should examine me one by one. There was no time limit for long case as well as short case and the examiners could grill the candidate for too long. I finally managed to pass had the distinction of being the First Fellow of CPSP in Paediatric Surgery. I am beneficiary of this specialty and I pray for the success of newcomers in Paediatric surgery. Professionally I am extremely happy and satisfied with this specialty. I retired four years ago and still do practice. My advice to the Paediatric surgeons, he stated was, restrict your practice to your specialty and only those to whom you can benefit.

Paediatric surgery started at Karachi. Later this specialty was started at Nishter Medical College Multan followed by King Edward Medical College/Mayo Hospital Lahore and then at PIMS Islamabad. Now we have over two hundred Paediatric surgeons in the country. He was of the view that those trainees who get training at the Paediatric surgery units which deal all sort of Paediatric surgery cases do much better than those who go on rotation to other units for couple of months. They spend this time on social networking, enjoy it as a leave and recreation. Those who spend the whole time in Paediatric surgery units are better trained because they are being constantly monitored, he added.

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