Patients with Parkinson’s disease can live a healthy life with proper management of symptoms-Dr. Nadir Ali Syed


 World Parkinson’s Day

Patients with Parkinson’s disease can live
a healthy life with proper 
of symptoms­ - Dr. Nadir Ali Syed

KARACHI: Although there is no complete cure available for the Parkinson’s disease, but most of the people with the neurological disorder could live an enjoyable and healthy life through identification of individual symptoms and determining a proper course of treatment.This was stated by Dr. Nadir Ali Syed, President,Movement Disorder Society of Pakistan (MDSP) while addressing a press conference along with Mr. Haroon Bashir, President Pakistan Parkinson’s Society and Dr. Abdul Malik on the occasion of World Parkinson Day which is celebrated on 11th April Worldwide.

Parkinson’s diseaseis neurodegenerative brain disorder that progresses slowly in most people.  Most people’s symptoms take years to develop, and they lives for years with the disease without any significant issue or problem.A person gets Parkinson’s disease when his or her brain slowly stops producing a neurotransmitter called dopamine. With less and less dopamine, a person has less and less ability to regulate their movements, body and emotions. Although Parkinson’s was not a fatal disease but it could have serious complications for the patients resulting in death.

Speakers emphasized the need for creating awareness regarding the neurological disorder in Pakistan, they deplored that most of the physicians considered it to be an outcome of old age and were also not aware of the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and management of the neurological disease. Guidelines for the treatment and management of Parkinson’s disease for Pakistani neurologist and physicians has been prepared recently after it was found that majority of physicians were not aware of the specific symptoms, protocols for the diagnosis of the health condition as well as its treatment and management with the help of drugs available in the market.

Dr. Nadir Ali Syedstated that Parkinson’s was the second most common neurodegenerative disorder. After Alzheimer’s disease, and its prevalence in people more than 60 years was around 1.4 percent.He predicted the burden of Parkinson’s was likely to increase in the years to come since many countries, particularly those in Asia, faced a growth of the ageing population.The number of patients with Parkinson’s disease in Pakistan is unknown but according to an estimate, around 600,000 people suffer from this neurological disorder and unfortunately, half of these people are not aware that they have a serious neurological issue which can be treated and they can continue leading a normal life. This figure will be doubled by the year 2030, he added.

Replying g to questions, Dr. Nadir said most of the general physicians and doctors of the country were also not aware of the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of the Parkinson’s disease in Pakistan.Number of qualified neurologists having adequate knowledge of Parkinson’s was quite few, as compared to the growing number of patients.Family physicians has to be involved and trained   because they can play a vital role, he added. Lossof smell and constipation are the two early symptoms of this disease. New treatments are coming and  surgery is also taking place, he further added.   

Dr. Abdul Malik called for creating awareness about the mental disorder among common people through print and electronic media and urged the government to take steps for the training of neurologists as well as paramedical staff to help in providing care to people living with the neurological disorder. Mr. Haroon Bashir who is also suffering from Parkinson’s Disease  highlighted the various activities of Pakistan Parkinson’s Society  to create awareness about this disease which includes, various programs on TV, book in Urdu   and about forty group  meetings in this regard.