WWF-Pakistan & PharmEvo join hands for tree plantation campaign


Earth Day 2013 to be observed on April 22

WWF-Pakistan & PharmEvo join hands
for tree plantation campaign

KARACHI: The WWF-Pakistan in collaboration with PharmEvo a fast growing national pharmaceutical concern has joined hands to start a biggest tree plantation campaign “Save the planet in a NISE way” for Earth Day 2013, to be observed on Monday, April 22. To formally launch their star-studded ambassadors an opening ceremony was arranged at a local hotel and Star Ambassadors were introduced which included model and actor Adnan Siddiqui, catwalk queen Nadia Hussain, fashion designer and actor Aijaz Aslam, TV actress Maya Khan and singer and actor Mehwish Hayat besides Partners of this campaign Prof. A.G Billoo, Chairperson HANDS, Syed Jamshed Ahmed, COO PharmEvo, Mr. Sumair Sayeed of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Ms. Zara Basharat from Express News and Mr. Abid Zaidi from Radio FM-9. Dr Junaid Ali Shah Sindh Health Minister was the chief guest at the occasion.

Group photograph of the Star Ambassadors and Partners of Earth Day 2013 taken at a launch meeting of tree
plantation campaign being organized by The WWF-Pakistan in collaboration with PharmEvo
on Monday, April 22, 2013.

On 22nd April, more than one billion people across the globe will participate in the 43rd annual celebration of Earth Day to make the world a healthier and greener place to live in. People all over the world will voice their appreciation for the planet and demand its protection. WWF- Pakistan in collaboration with PharmEvo will join 192 countries in celebrating Earth Day 2013 by planting 50,000 trees all across Pakistan as a gesture to combat climate change and deforestation. The campaign originally aimed at planting 50,000 trees on this Earth Day but with the help of various philanthropists it is hoped this number will be more than double.
Dr. Junaid Ali Shah Speaking at the occasion said that global warming is a big threat but we are not aware of it. Tree plantation can make a healthy change in our behavior and society but we have to educate our people regarding its importance. He assured his full support in this regard and promised to give instruction to the concerned departments to plant trees in hospitals and will also help to promote this campaign.
Speaking at the occasion Mr. Adnan Siddiqui who has been associated with the WWF-Pakistan for the second consecutive campaign of 2013 said that it is essential to educate the masses about the significance of planting trees not only for ourselves but also for our country. It is very important for a good citizen to know that greenery has a vital role for the betterment of people our environment and country. Serious efforts are needed and we should join hands to make our country beautiful.
Ms. Maya Khan said that we want to do something for our country. We have to plant trees and also need to make sure that one took care of the planted trees regularly. Mr. Ijaz Aslam stated that we have to motivate plantation because greenery plays very important role for healthy environment. Ms. Nadia said that we should involve our children and neighbors in this campaign. Children can play an important role if they are educated regarding importance of this activity. Ms. Mehvish Hayat stated that she love nature and nature brings happiness in life. She commended the gesture of PharmEvo being part of this campaign.
Prof. A.G Billoo speaking at the occasion pledged to plant fifty thousand tree on 22nhd April with the plate from of HANDS which is working in one thousand villages and support fifty thousand families. One plant for a family will not be a big task he added. Tree plantation is sadqa Jaria and our education starts from here. It is great honor and privilege to be associated with this campaign he added.
Mr. Jamshed Ahmedf thanked the WWF-Pakistan for selecting PharmEvo to be the partner in this campaign which he stated is noble cause. We feel motivated and honored to work for a cause which is need of a healthier society, environmental and social health. WWF is doing a wonderful job and it is a great honor for us to work with this organization for a cause which will make real change to be a healthier society and country. We will be working with them in medical community and hospitals for this campaign instead of bribing doctors and arranging joy trips for them, Mr. Jamshed added.
Mr. Sumair Sayeed said that keeping in view the importance of environmental issues they were redesigning air routes to reduce fuel consumption within the country. The CAA has committed to plant 10,000 trees for Earth Day. PIA has provided six places at Airports free of cost to WWF for display of advertisement of this campaign. Ms. Zara Basharat said one needed to sensitize the generation with regards to saving the earth and it should be our mission, she added. Mr. Abid Zaidi from Radio FM-91 said that we will work jointly and create awareness for this campaign.
The WWF- Pakistan’s senior Manager Corporate in her remarks endorsed the expansion of this campaign beyond plantation to education in schools, universities, and public and private sector organizations. WWF is Pakistan’s largest environmental & nature conservation organization. Which has been working on saving Pakistan’s biodiversity, natural resources, forests, freshwater sources, wetlands, and mangroves. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature by conserving the world’s biological diversity, Ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

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