Pricking is a serious problem which needs attention


Pricking is a serious problem
which needs attention

HYDERABAD: Pricking is a serious problem which is usually taken very lightly by medical professionals although it has very serious repercussions. This was stated by Prof. Jan Mohammad Skaikh, former VC of LUMHS. He was speaking at the monthly lucky draw of Otsuka Pakistan to create awareness about Hepatitis. He further stated that he was quite sure that every practicing doctor has pricked more than once during his or her practice. This shows how lightly we are taking Needlestick Injury.

Prof. Jan Mohammad Skaikh

He asked the audience to use safer products and safer modes to save them from the deadly disease of Hepatitis. For example, we should adopt single handed recapping of syringes and cannulas if it is necessary because in this way we will protect ourselves. We should formulate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Prof. Dr. Jan Mohammad Skaikh emphasized the needs to educate Nurses, Paramedical staff and workers who collect the hospital wastes. They are at maximum risk of Hepatitis and no one is paying attention to this important group of people. 
Prof. Dr. Jan Mohammad Skaikh appreciated efforts being made by Otsuka Pakistan Ltd. in controlling hepatitis among medical professionals with minimum commercial benefits which is very rare in Pharmaceutical industry, he remarked.
Earlier M. Arshad Khan Dy. Marketing Manager Otsuka Pakistan Ltd. gave presentation on factors of Needlestick Injuries with data to control the Needlestick Injuries. He also informed the audience about the activities of Saviours Club along with telecasting of Jimmy Film at electronic media. Dr. Rauf Pathan airport road Jacobabad was winner of the Draw along with 15 other consolation prizes winners.