True leader is a person who ‘Model the way’ he want others to work- Sohail Zindani


ILE leadership workshop for HCPs

True leader is a person who ‘Model the way’
he want others to work - Sohail Zindani

Such workshops should be organized for all levels of
Healthcare professionals - Prof. Nadeem Qamar

By Dr. Masood Jawaid

KARACHI: True Leader is a person who make things simpler and model the way he/she want other to perform instead of ordering or directing. This was stated by Mr. Sohail Zindani, a renowned motivational speaker during an exclusive leadership workshop ‘Embracing the Leaders’. This workshop was organized by Institute of Leadership Excellence (ILE) in collaboration with National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) on March 18, 2017.

Mr. Sohail Zindani explained that he has developed A3I framework of leadership. It includes Awareness, Intelligence, Inspiration and Impact. Leader must have control of his awareness, he should not be triggered by external factors but at all times, should be in command of his personality and thinking. Intelligence about the field is a must and he should always be ready to learn and have full insight of all work related to the specialty with good agility skills. Leaders should inspire others and have ability to take along his team. Impact is related to the execution, all great leaders have very high impact of the great achievements. He further elaborated that all healthcare leaders should have their leadership KPI (Key Performance Indicators). In healthcare industry another good benchmark is Service benchmark which included nursing and other paramedical staff services apart from medical service benchmark. Patients feedback which is the most commonly address benchmark is not very good in terms of reliability and evaluation. During the whole session, Mr. Sohail kept the participants engaged with his special skills of humor and storytelling.

Institute of Leadership Excellence organized a workshop on Leadership in collaboration with National Institute of
Cardiovascular Diseases on March 18, 2017. Group photograph taken on this occasion shows the workshop
facilitator Mr. Shoail Zindani along with ILE executive and workshop participants from NICVD.

Speaking at the occasion, Syed Jamshed Ahmad Director ILE said that Institute of Leadership Excellence (ILE), is working in the field of leadership training especially for healthcare personals for the last one year with the vision of transforming healthcare leadership from inspiration to impact. We have already developed our mission and vision statements, finalizing Leadership Advisory Board and different course modules. We like to have active collaboration with different healthcare institutes and would like to organize regular workshop/training sessions. He further stated that now there is a concept of 360 degree leadership which means everyone is a leader in his /her working.

In the end, Prof. Nadeem Qamar, Director NICVD specially thanked PharmEvo and ILE for arranging this interactive session about very important skill of leadership and interpersonal relationship. Leadership, he said, is all about taking ownership. We would like to arrange such sessions for all faculty members, residents, nursing and paramedical staff of the institute and hope that ILE and PharmEvo will continue such support.