Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon earns another unique honour



Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon
earns another unique honour

LAHORE: Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon the well known dermatologist of the country earned yet another unique honour when his personality and his latest love Doha Nigari was selected as a topic for research and M. Phil Thesis. Ms. Sameena Aleem Lecturer in Urdu at F.Government Degree College Lahore has completed her M.Phil Thesis which has now been published in book form. Titled “Dr. Tahir Saeed Haroon Ki Doha Nigari” contains 256 pages with an impressive cover having picture of Prof.Tahir Saeed Haroon.

Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon

Dr. Mohammad Kamran, Associate Professor of Urdu at Punjab University Oriental College Lahore under whose supervision Sameena Aleem has completed this Thesis in his message has commended his achievements while commenting on Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon’s personality and his accomplishments in Doha Nighari. Eminent literary figure Intizar Hussain in his message says that “Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon seems more sincere and more deeply committed to this genre than others. He has written extensively while exploring new possibilities of expression in this old genre. For him Doha keeps on expanding in its expressive capacity in accordance to the need of our times, so these Doha’s discuss human problems.”
The number of Doha’s by Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon are now in thousands and he has so far published ten books containing Doha’s i.e. Man Mauj, Neela Chandermaan, Preet Saghar, Maan Baani, Megh Malhiar, Bhoor Naghar, Prem Raas, Kook, Man Deepak and Nainan Darpan. He has now established his own entity in this genre of poetry.
This book apart from giving historical back ground of Doha Nighari also covers various poets who are known for their Dohas and have made significant contribution in this field. Then it has a chapter which gives details of Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon’s personal life, education, training and accomplishments in the field of dermatology, numerous honours and awards which he earned during his professional life. One of the chapters has been devoted to Prof.Tahir Saeed Haroon’s Doha Nigari. The speed at which he is publishing his books on Doha’s shows as if after having taken Dermatology to great heights in Pakistan, he is now determined to set new records in this genre of poetry.