Second ICHPE
2018 by UOL

Dear Shaukat Sahab,

Thank you so much for your kind participation in ICHPE 2018. I must say that your coverage to the whole event has been excellent.

The primary goal of holding this conference was to provide a unique learning opportunity to our MHPE students about some of the skills that can only be achieved through such conferences. For example, many students prepared a poster for the first time in their lives or made a presentation in front of the audience or asked questions in a hall etc. The conference also provides a unique networking and ’re-union' opportunity to our past graduates to get together at least once in a year. We really did not want to make it a 'Pharmaceutical Bazar' as you mentioned in one of your reports.

I am glad that you liked the atmosphere of the conference and hope that you will continue to extend your kind cooperation in future and advice on how to further improve the event.

Dr. Gohar Wajid,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear Shuakat Jawaid Sb,

Thank you very much for sending the copies of Pulse International November 1st 2018 which contains coverage of the Second ICHPE organized by University of Lahore. I am thankful to you for praising the conference and also providing suggestions to improve it. It was an honour to have you at the conference.

Prof Dr. Rehan Ahmed Khan
Assistant Dean Medical Education
Riphah Academy of Research and Education
Professor Surgery, IIMC-T, Riphah International University
Islamabad. Pakistan.

Thank you very much for copies of Pulse International Vol. 19 No. 21 November 1st 2018 and Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Vol. 34 No. 5. The Pulse International coverage of Second ICHPE 2018 organized by University of Lahore was extremely well written and very informative. Similarly, the Journal contained an array of interesting and informative articles across a wide range of medical and related specialties.

I wish you good health and Allah’s blessing and hope that you shall continue to shine as a beacon of medical journalism for decades to come still.

Dr. Junaid Sarfraz Khan
Professor, Department of Medical Education
CMH Lahore Medical College & Institute of Dentistry

Maqbool Jafary Training 

Scholarship for junior Editors

Indeed it's a great experience and congratulations to the selected Editors for training for the year 2018. It would help them a lot in their professional development. This is a great service by Mr. Shaukat Jawaid and his team. His dedication and devotion to the noble cause of promoting medical Journalism in Pakistan is really remarkable. 

God bless you with success in this endeavor.

Prof Dr. Saira Afzal
Dean of Public health and Preventive Medicine.
Editor Annals of King Edward Medical University,
Lahore - Pakistan.

Congratulations to the selected editors. Indeed a great initiative by Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences to pay tributes to its founder Chief Editor late Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary. 

Dr. Faaiz Ali Shah

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