PAME’s Second
National Conference

Thank you for giving University of Health Sciences the opportunity to host the PAME Second National Conference on 26th -27th April 2014. This Conference proved to be a great learning experience for all and especially for myself. Through this conference, we were able to interact with national and international gurus in the field of medical journalism and also with our peers in the same. This has improved our understandings and dispelled many a myths regarding medical journalism and medical writing and has allowed us to establish links for the benefit of the same. We, therefore, hope that you will continue to contribute to our professional development through similar academic events in the future.
May Allah bless you always, with profound regards,

Prof. Junaid Sarfraz Khan
Pro-Vice Chancellor
Professor of Medical Education
University of Health Sciences, Lahore. Pakistan

We are grateful to the Executive Committee of PAME and Organizing Committee of PAME Second National Conference 2014 for giving us the opportunity to host their international guests. This was an excellent academic activity which would definitely have an impact in promoting research culture in the country. I am sure with such activities, we will have more good quality international standard Journals with Impact Factor and it will go a long way in promoting the art of scientific publishing in Pakistan.

I discussed with President CPSP Prof.Zafar Ullah Chaudhry and he was pleased to host the invited guest speakers of PAME from overseas at the CPSP Guest House.

Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal,
DG International Relations,
Regional Director,
CPSP Lahore, Centre. Pakistan.

 Addition to Hippocratic Oath

I sincerely feel that the new medical graduates while taking the Hippocratic oath at graduation should also add that “I swear by my Creator that I shall always pay myself for my travel, accommodation and food, and that I shall not accept any samples, gifts, vouchers etc from any commercial establishment whenever and wherever I attend/participate in any professional conference, seminar, congress, convention or other sponsored social get-together”.

Dr. Alaf Khan
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pioneers of medical
specialties in Pakistan

This is with reference to Prof J. Sarwar Siddique’s statement made during the Neurology Conference held at Karachi March 28-30, reported in the ‘Pulse’ April 15-31 issue, that the specialty of Neurology started in Pakistan 47 years ago ie 1967 at King Edward Medical College and JPMC Karachi. In this context, I would like to say that Neurology services in Pakistan began much earlier in the early 1950s at the Military hospitals. Lt Col M.B. Azmi obtained MRCP(E) with Neurology as a special subject early in 1950s, trained in UK and practiced Neurology at Military Hospitals.
Quite often doctors in the Civil forget about the contribution of the Armed Forces doctors in the development of medical profession in Pakistan. I have several times pointed out such omission, in writing, in your esteemed paper. Doctors whereever they may be working in Pakistan belong to the same fraternity. Contributions of Armed Forces doctors in the establishment and development of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan are well known too.
I would like to re-emphasize that the Armed Forces doctors were the first to start the specialties of Psychatry, Dermatology in 1940s, Chest Surgery and Cardiology in early 1950s, Hepato gastroenterology in early 60s in Pakistan. Of course the credit goes to the legendary teachers, mostly from KEMC who were the role models and sources of inspiration.

Lt Gen Prof Emeritus
Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar
Former Surgeon General, DGMS(IS)
Rawalpindi. Pakistan.

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