An appreciation

Dear Shaukat Sahib,

The New Year has commenced and I wish you a very Prosperous and Happy New Year. While going through your Fortnightly PULSE International issue of January 01. 2015, I was impressed to see that in the past so many years, come what may, your newspaper has been always published on the due dates of 1st and 15th of every month. This is such a positive trend which provides inspiration and motivates others to emulate this healthy practice. For sure, this disciplined approach if followed by others could result in dividends which one gets because of the regularity and punctuality in implementing one’s plans.

I really appreciate your efforts which have resulted in regular publication of your publications at its due date, over the years. Keep it up.

Saeed Allawala
Atco Laboratories,
Karachi - Pakistan.

 Few dedicated individuals
can make all the difference

This refers to your “Off the Record” column on the above mentioned topic. Thanks for the kind words. That was your kindness. However all you wrote could not be done if I was not supported by sincere friends like you who came from a long distance to enrich the COPE congress that we organized in Shiraz, Iran. Thank you again and hope to meet you in a very near future in Shiraz. We promise to take you again to visit Hafez, and Saadi mausoleums as well as Persepolis.

Dr. Behrooz Astaneh,
Shiraz, Iran.
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As always I read with interest the first of the report in the series of reports which hopefully will appear about the COPE congress in Pulse International. Thank you for sending the report as well as including my name in it. I truly appreciate that and I am glad that all our efforts paid off and you enjoyed the congress as well as your stay here. Your contributions as well as comprehensive reports are also critical in keeping the issue of publication ethics in mind in the region. Thank you again for reporting and highlighting these issues. I am looking forward to reading the other reports.

Sarah Masoumi, MA
English Editor and Foreign Correspondent
Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Shiraz, Iran.

 ISC Second Int. conference
 of Science Editors

I sincerely appreciate your report published in Pulse International of December 15th 2014 issue about the Second International Conference of Science Editors organized by ISC in Shiraz, Iran from December 1-2nd 2014. As desired we are sending herewith a list of the ISC executive committee members.

You have generously shared your expertise and experience with ISC, and I truly appreciate the support you have given us during the conference. I especially appreciate your offers in the meetings and it will be fruitful if you send me any additional suggestions to study them for further consideration. Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mohammad Khani
Head Office of International Scientific Cooperation
Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST)
Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC)

Shaukat Khanum
Cancer Symposium

I would like to draw your attention to an important educational activity “13th Shaukat Khanum Cancer Symposium” which was scheduled for November 21 - 23, 2014 in Lahore but could not be held in its entirety due to hooliganism by rowdy doctors for their personal reasons. An important activity which was meant for medical, nursing and other healthcare providers was sabotaged. Large number of foreign delegates, who had flown in to present their extremely useful research were disappointed as well. Organizers who had been working for more than a year for arranging this activity must be commended as excellent arrangements were made at two hotels in Lahore. Excellent educational program was put in that covered almost all the areas related to oncology including clinical and basic sciences, diagnostics, ethical, social, cultural issues under the theme “caring with care”


A group photograph of participants to the seminar conducted by Dr. Abid Qazi
held at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Memorial Hospital Lahore recently.

On this occasion however on Day 2, Dr. Abid Qazi, a surgical oncologist, was able to conduct a day-long seminar at the premises of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. It gave an opportunity for both national and international guests from England, New Zealand, India, USA, Saudi Arabia and other countries to present their papers and interact with the participants which were present in large number. The delegates also visited various departments of the hospital and interacted with technical and clinical staff and benefited greatly from the first hand experience of the facility. I would like to conclude by saying that Pakistan does not need enemies from outside. We are biggest enemy of ourselves. Kindly do print picture so that all those who were at helm of the problem must note that education cannot be stopped and people can find way to educate and get educated.

Dr. Jamshed Akhtar
Paediatric Surgeon,
National Institute of Child Health,

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