Late Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon

The sudden demise of Prof. T.S Haroon (b.1950) is a big loss to the medical profession, teaching faculty and to the Urdu literature. Apart from his professional status he was indeed a classical poet in Duhaa (دوھا) writing a fine and touching branch of Urdu Poetry. There are hardly few doctor in the country who can fluently read & write in Urdu what to say of reading and understanding Urdu Poetry. He was a prolific & versatile Duhaa writer not only in Pakistan but also in Indo Pak subcontinent. Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon has about 12 collections of Duhaa verses to the credit, printed beautifully. Duhaa is a unique art of Urdu Poetry expressing inner feelings and keen observation in two lines like famous Punjab Mahyaa. (ماھیا) By nature he was very simple and soft spoken person.

Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon

He was a good listener and was always speaking in adorable tone. He was very considerate and sympathetic towards patients and students. He was one of the last clinicians who extended regard and assistance to doctors as patients. As a clinicians, teacher, researcher supervisor and a consultant he was certainly unique & exemplary. He wrote standard books and articles on dermatology and guided his pupil in FCPS, MD. He has the credit of expanding Dermatology Dept. at Mayo Hospital Lahore to the benefit of common patient.

He had Cardiac Surgery sometimes back for his bad heart. But the problem was not so that he left so soon and so abruptly. He has been very helpful to me in upgrading provincial vocabulary of drugs and equipment concerning his discipline for MSD/Institutions of Health Department. Few weeks before he left to last abode, I had a word with him about his poetry collection درپن نیناں (Eyes-a mirror of reflection) when I had difficulty in searching meanings of certain Hindi words frequently used in his poetry. He kindly wrote down for me the meanings & sent me back the paper. No doubt Dr. Tahir Saeed Haroon was a man with rare qualities and high moral status.

Trulyاب ڈھونڈا نہیں چراغ رخِ زیبا لے کر

With each passing day, we may be having more qualified clinicians in our ranks but are certainly loosing great persons without their replacement. May his soul rest in peace with blessings of Allah – the greatest.

Dr. S. Anwaar Ahmed Bugvi
Chief Executive/ Medical Superintendent
Mansoorah Hospital,
Lahore – Pakistan.