Striving for a Healthier Society

Dear Shaukat Sahib,

When we embarked on our mission of building a healthier society, we had no idea that we will be blessed with friends who will complement our effort many fold. Our Pharma industry should be proud to have someone like you who drowns out the voice of uncertainty with the sound of your own heartbeat.

I have read somewhere “Luck is the last dying wish of those who want to believe that winning can happen by accident, sweat on the other hand is for those who know it’s a choice”. We can’t agree more and let me profess that the amount of effort that you put in to promote ethical activities is extremely inspiring.

Thank you for always supporting PharmEvo in its battle against unethical activities, nurturing reading habits and cultural landscaping. We believe that PharmEvo also owes you gratitude for such an extensive coverage on our Calendar 2015 to disseminate a strong message from Quaid-e-Azam as the need of the hour.

M. Haroon Qassim
Managing Director

 Promoting the Vision and 
Mission of Quaid-e-Azam

Please accept my heartiest congratulating on such an excellent coverage of the PharamEvo Thematic Calendar 2015 highlighting the Vision and Mission of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammd Ali Jinnah.  His message needs to be spread as much as possible to educate the masses.

Dr. Ali Mohammad FACS, FCPS
Consultant Physician, Cardiologist
Lahore. Pakistan.

Professional ethics and
Pakistan Cardiac Society

Many thanks for the copy of Pulse International January 15th 2015 you presented to me personally during our meeting at the HCEC meeting at Karachi. I appreciate the stand you took during the Cardiology Conference held at Karachi. May I point out that every 'conscious' person is not 'conscientious' and vice versa as it was claimed in your Off the Record column. I am sure there are lots of members who are luckily conscious and conscientious in Pakistan Cardiac Society. May I also take the liberty to refer to your  a year old column "Wither Cardiac Society" which was again based on one sided story hence not based on facts. I wish you had verified the story from other concerned quarters as well.

I was impressed by your write up but perhaps you missed presidential address and also the message of President of Pakistan Cardiac Society. This is for the first time that the new executive council has started four new scientific councils on Academics, Research, and Credentialing and Peripheral arterial diseases. Again preventive Cardiology remains the much trumpeted demand of ours. I am attaching my Presidential message which very much reiterates what you have written in your editorial. 

Prof. M. Hafeezullah
Pakistan Cardiac Society, Peshawar. Pakistan.

Note: Previous write up was based on minutes of the meeting circulated by the former Secretary General of PCS. The present write up was based on personal observations and I sincerely look forward Pakistan Cardiac Society to be more ethical and upholding professional ethics at its future conferences. Presidential address was covered in January 1st issue but I had no access to the Message. It is up to the organizers to provide us any material which they think is important and should be highlighted. The message is now being published in this issue  on this Page in column 1-2.

Pakistan-Cuban Trained Doctors

Cuban health care service has established its reputation as the most efficient health care system in the world. In the recent ‘EBOLA’ epidemic, Cuban doctor’s performance was lauded by the WHO and all over the world. World most resourceful countries could not help in the ‘ebola’ crisis -USA could contribute only soldiers.

In 2005 Pakistan had disastrous earthquake. Cuban health care teams reached swiftly, declined to take rest at Islamabad, reached the affected areas promptly, started work and even attended patients by reaching the abodes of patients, walking long distances on the mountainous terrain. Their services were highly appreciated by the affected population and the Pakistani authorities. Cuban doctors are providing healthcare to many countries in the world like Venezuela. Cuba voluntarily trained Pakistani students in their medical institutions, spent eighty million pounds on them and awarded degrees to them. This is done despite their limited resources and constraints of USA heavy sanctions. Cuban trained Pakistani doctors on reaching Pakistan applied to the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council for registration of their degrees. PMDC has declined the registration. On the other hand in Pakistan enormous number of quacks are practicing the scientific system of medicine using fake degrees of UK ,USA and European countries damaging the people, but the PMDC ignores them by not taking action even when provided with proof. How ironical is it?

Lt. Gen. (R) Mahmud
Ahmad Akhtar,
Former Surgeon General (Army) DG MS (IS)
43-Race course Road,
Rawalpindi. Pakistan.

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