Patient Safety Conference in Karachi

Thank you for covering the Patient Safety Conference held at Karachi in your esteemed publication Pulse International in this very elegant and informative manner.  This was excellent. It was such a pleasure meeting you after so many years. Thank you for covering this event and for sharing its coverage with me.

Dr.  Najib Al Shorbaji,
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“Kiani Kahni”

I read with great interest the detailed Book Review on General Kiani autobiography “
Kiani Kahni” by your pen. It was indeed very interesting and fascinating. It is the story of every old Kemcolian who used to come from far off rural areas from all corners of West and East Pakistan. All the names of teachers and places of KE & Mayo Hospital mentioned by General Kiani are reminiscent of very precious memories. The anatomy hall, class rooms, wards, hostels and nearby Shahi Mohalla are all reminder of sweet memories. Indeed the people mentioned in your write up were cream of the time and genius of the medical profession. They had excellent service standards and high moral values. The teacher and the staff were devoted and very humane. They respected and had regard for each other. They were professionals who believed in ethics & principles. It appears that General Kiani was one year senior to me in King Edward Medical College Lahore. I also attended lecturers of Col. Ziaullah in Patyala Block near collage library. I was not a very good medical student either. My mates consisted from Swat, Mardan, Kenya, Rabwa & East Pakistan but were very cordial and friendly with each other. There was less bias & less bigotry. There was no cast & creed difference. Girls were few and was remembered in detail. They had pleasant nicknames. Some of the students got married after final examination, of course after dating in public. 

Teachers always showed regard to their pupil & even to their relatives when approached for private or general advice. With only 100 students in view teachers used to watch them intently & personally. Teachers used to visit their admitted patients twice or even thrice daily. The behavior and attendance of students matted in clinical examinations. They did not rely on machines or lab. Reports only in their clinical evaluation.

Thank you General Kiani for a peep in the past. 

Dr. S. Anwaar Ahmad Bugvi
Chief Executive, Medical Superintendent
Mansoorah Hospital,
Lahore. Pakistan.