The murder of
Professional Ethics

Few days ago while watching a TV channel; I noticed a heart breaking video. The video was shown where a doctor (surgeon) was pulling out a large gauze from the abdomen of a women. It was of great concern to me. We know that to make a video of patient’s procedure; informed consent from patient (or close relative if legally required) is mandatory. The patient has to be told that a video will be made during procedure. I wonder where the doctor of this era is trained. Confidentiality is an important part of affective domain while treating a patient. If a patient abdomen is shown in video to whole country and world at large; will it not create a disastrous situation for the previous doctor who operated at first place? Does the doctor who showed this video on a national channel understand the consequences of such activity? What about the relatives of patient when their loved one’s video is put on air?

What has gone wrong in our training? Have we forgotten bioethics? Is the ethics “Murdered” in our beloved country? And the most important question is how can we overcome this attitude of doctors? These queries need to be answered? I did read a book Co-authored by you along with SH Zaidi, MH Jafary & Unaiza Niaz Anwar “Medical Ethics in the contemporary Era” first published in September 1995. Has the time come to make sure that ethics is taught in the undergraduate and post graduate teaching / trainings programs as a compulsory subject?


Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Khan
F.R.C.S (Ed), F.I.C.S, F.A.C.S
Head Department of Surgery,
Dean Faculty of Clinical Sciences,

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