Unethical medical practice

O ye who believe! Why say ye that which ye do not? Grievously odious is it in the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do not”. (Sura 61, Verses 2 & 3)

This refers to the recent controversy regarding unethical medical practice as well as the scientific paper published in Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences related to prescribing practices by GPs in Khyber PK published a few years ago.

Please note Students do not imbibe ethics through lectures. They practice ethics as they see their role models ‘live’ them in their daily lives outside the lecture room. Corruption comes in many guises. It is unfair to limit the accusation of corruption to Police, Income Tax, Customs, and Railways. Bureaucracy, Politicians, WAPDA, Revenue officials, C & W, PIA, CAA, Forest Department, and the Forces. The holy Messiahs and the saintly teachers are also steeped in it to their necks. Who would think of a prostitute lecturing on the virtues of chastity and then rushing back to her ‘private practice’? Kickbacks and Commissions are as rampant as in other segments of our society. Keep in mind an Old Persian proverb and a proverbial Persian couplet:



Have you ever thought about the legal profession? An attorney, for a pocketful of money, will endeavor to have an innocent person hanged. The next day he will prove that a hired assassin is an angel. That is why there is no concept of a Lawyer or jury in Islamic jurisprudence. The judge (Qazi) hears the statements, questions the two parties, evaluates their evidence, and delivers his verdict. It is a sad situation that, today, you cannot count on the integrity of even the Qazi. Churchill used to roam about the devastated streets of London at night during the Second World War. He was accompanied by his guards in civilian clothes. A guard one night asked him if he thought Britain would win the war. “Are the courts functioning normally?”, asked the Prime Minister, “Yes, sir, they are. Why do you ask about the courts, Sir?”. “No nation can lose a war if its judiciary is functioning normally”, murmured Churchill. Maybe that is one factor, but a major one indeed.


Dr. Alaf Khan
United States.
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I read with interest your above mentioned column in “Off the Record” of August 1st issue of Pulse International. It was worth reading. However, the tail piece had the answer for all the questions raised.

Dr. Mutaz Khan
Peshawar - Pakistan.
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