How to ensure effective use of
to Communicate with 
HCPs and general public

I have read with interest the Leading Article on Open Access titled “How to ensure effective use of media to communicate with healthcare professionals and general public” authored by Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid and Dr. Masood Jawaid published in Pak J Med Sci Vol.34 No.5, September-October 2018. It is an eye-opening and educating article which depicts a gap between health professionals and general public. The available media for bridging this gap is through print-media (Newspapers, Journals, Newsletters, Magazines, Gazettes, Circulars and so forth) and electronic media (WhatsApp, Blogs, Twitter, FaceBook, TV and the like).

Tomorrow’s doctor needs to learn Communication Skills, and Managerial Skills as well which incidentally, are less prevalent in the curriculum of many of the Medical Universities/ Medical & Dental Colleges. Even if they exist, their appropriate delivery is defective in some medical settings. This gap in learning makes a Pakistani Doctor less communicative and becomes the root cause of this menace.

In my opinion, there is a need to have a media cell in Medical Universities/ Medical & Dental Institutions which may be managed by one or two Directors/ Manager Media. Individuals (who are well versed with Medicine/ Dentistry) superadded with the diploma/ degrees in Media, Mass Communication or journalism. All the communications, spread of knowledge, new establishment, accomplishments, public awareness about health issues and the current news may be routed through this Media Cell for general public through print or electronic media. This media cell can convene sessions of clinical specialists with Family Physicians and General Medical Practitioners periodically. They may also hold patients (of some common diseases) with the experts for public awareness from time to time. However, the sole purpose of such a cell is to positively establish communication between health professionals and the general public and not to portray the individuals/ personalities of the University or Institution. The media cell can also hold workshops, seminars or certificate courses on Communication Skills for the doctors and paramedics (allied health professionals) for continuing education.

I congratulate both the authors to highlight an important aspect of enhancing the image of medical professions in various factions of the public and society.

Maj Gen [Retd] Prof. M. Aslam
Pro-Vice Chancellor
National University of Medical Sciences
Rawalpindi (Pakistan)
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Master Class on
Writing and Publishing

Dear Mr. Shaukat Jawaid,

Many thanks for this invaluable information carrying a detailed comprehensive report on Master Class on Scientific Writing and Publishing held during the Global Health Exhibition at Riyadh on September 10th, published in Pulse International. I have sent this report and the website link to the report of Pulse International Website to the marketing and publishing teams. I trust they will ruminate on how they can utilize this article as part of the content campaigns we run across our shows.

Ms. Aridugbe Ruth
Conference Producer,
INFORMA Life Sciences Exhibitions, UAE.

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Many thanks for the detailed report on the Master Class on Scientific Writing & Publishing organized by EMAME during the Global Health Exhibition at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on September 10th, published in Pulse International in its recent issue. I am very glad that the event was a great success. I also wish to thank the other facilitators from Saudi Arabia for their contribution.

EMAME is always ready to contribute to any future programs in promoting scientific writing in the region.

Prof. Farhad Handjani
President of EMAME

Many thanks for the opportunity to participate as one of the facilitator in the Master Class on Scientific Writing and Publishing. I would also like to thank you for the detailed report of the event published in Pulse International.

Prof. Ziad Memish,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Thank you very much for publishing a detailed report and covering the entire event of “Master Class on Scientific Writing” in the Pulse International. Certainly, it would provide a platform to science community to learn about the event. I highly appreciate your efforts and must congratulate you and your team. God bless you.

Prof. Sultan Ayoub Meo
King Saud University, Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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