Mental health of
Pakistani Politicians

This is with reference to the article “The mental health of Pakistani politicians” written by Prof Saad Malik’’ I congratulate him for doing excellent psycho analysis of the Pakistani politicians and for suggesting remedies.
The politicians have lust for money power and now lust for sex also as is evident from the recently reported sex scandals in the media. However I do not agree with his statement that a patient suffering from physical illness suffers alone while the whole family suffers if a patient is afflicted with a mental illness. In this respect I will refer to the patients suffering from malignant disorders, terminal illnesses those, disabled by a vast number of neurological, musculoskeletal, cardio-vascular, pulmonary and other disorders in which the whole family also suffers. Even if a child suffers from an ordinary physical illness the whole family is involved in sufferings.
Regarding the upcoming elections keeping in view the larger interests of the country, the people should elect well educated physically mentally, spiritually sound leaders to govern the country on correct lines.

Lt .Gen. (Retd ) Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar
Rawalpindi - Pakistan.

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