What do you do
when the Dog comes?

Dear Shaukat,

You are a very brave journalist to write on such a topic in PulseInternational.  It made an interesting reading.  In addition, you are a super excellent writer and i do always learn from you and your writings. All the best from my heart and God bless you.

Dr. YounisSkaik
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“Plight of a Medical Editor:
An autobiography”

First of all, I am very thankful to you for sending me a copy of the book titled ˜Plight of a Medical Editor™. I was preparing for my FCPS part II exam so didn’t had opportunity to read it earlier.

It’s astonishing the way you have described your life events and sequence all of them from your early childhood. The way you have struggled and came up all the way with your hard work along with your family (wife, brothers, sisters, son and daughters) is commendable.It’s quite inspiring the way you (being very straightforward) have wrote about organizations, friends, family, and colleague in both positive and negative. I am sure at least few of them might have called you and asked why did you wrote this about me etc…

I feel really sorry for the loss of one of your son at a very young age and was amazed the way you handled your brother and your wife and yourself. Veryfew people have the ability to do so after such major incidents and very few have the courage to describe it the way you have.

 I haven’t yetread the whole book but the chapters I read were inspiring. All the events, give more encouragement in some way, more will power to do something and gives us a picture of reality, humanity and courage to stand for the right thing in life.

I wish if I could write down some chapters of my life as well when I turn 50 or so. Again thank you very much for the copy and wish you and your publications best of luck. May Allah help us all to achieve our endeavours.

Dr. Aliya Hisam
Dept. of Community Medicine,
Army Medical College (AMC), 
Islamabad, Pakistan.

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