Increasing prevalence of Hospital
Acquired Infections (HAIs)

Dear Shaukat Bhai,

I happened to go through your column ‘Off the Record ‘ of the current issue of Pulse International (October 15—31, 2017) in which you have thrown light on a critical issue i.e, increasing prevalence of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). You have very timely taken up this issue. I highly appreciate and compliment you on your concern about the common hospitalized patients who become victim of HAIs.

You have not only raised the issue but have also suggested the pertinent proposal to address it. I fully second your suggestion that professional ethics demands that healthcare professionals must demand setting up of Infection Control Committee in each and every institution. They should have Standard Operating Procedures  (SOPs) which must be followed and implemented in letter and spirit. Government as well as owners of private healthcare facilities must realize their duties and responsibilities to initiate infection control measures, ensuring rational prescribing, neat and clean environment in and around healthcare facilities, proper entry and exit points in all hospitals, strict adherence to Visiting Hours for attendants of patient while children should not be allowed to visit hospitals even during visiting hour.

Your various write-ups under “Off the Record” column are eye opening and beneficial for the community at large. Keep it up.

Saeed Allawala
Karachi. Pakistan.
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