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Forensic Medicine

I was delighted to read your “Off the Record” column "How to write Medico-Legal Reports". This is a descriptive, meticulous and to the point true presentation of the subject. With your kind permission I will circulate to all Professors of Forensic Medicine in Medical Colleges of Pakistan, both in public as well as private sector.

You must have come across the recent adventure by some of our friends who have committed the biggest blunder to change the subject of Forensic Medicine to the name of Forensic Pathology. The wishful elite do not understand the history and international scenario of development of the subject of Forensic Medicine as well as Forensic Pathology. No third world country like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka can afford to live without the subject of Forensic Medicine. Crime rate in these countries is touching the peaks. Physical assault cases, crime on women, theft, property, forgery & fraud are in the largest numbers to be handled by lawyers, law enforcement agencies and the medical witnesses-the doctors who are the experts of human body. No case can be completed until accompanied by medical evidence after Medico-Legal/Autopsy examination. Forensic Pathology on the other hand is to deal with the Medical Autopsies related to hospital deaths and presently the same are non-existing in Pakistan.

Out of 2000 autopsies conducted in one year at KEMC, Lahore there were only three Medical Autopsies. How would you meet the Medico-Legal scenario when the trained and qualified professionals are being stabbed on the back by irrational decisions? Your masterpiece writing is an eye opener for the Medical Community.  I am circulating it to all my friends as an excellent academic write-up. I hope you will write on the issue of Forensic Medicine in Pakistan, where the subject is being crushed while it is still in infancy.

Prof. Dr. Abdur Rasheed Mian
Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Medical College
Mirpur AJK.
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 Late Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary

I was extremely grieved to learn of Dr. Maqbool Jaffery’s unexpected passing away. I first met Dr. Maqbool Jaferry with you when we were very much involved with the creation and organization of Pakistan Medical Academy. He was full of support for any academic society which could give us a nitch in the international sphere. His advice and guidance were a great help in formulation and generation of a meaningful purpose, rules and regulations. At the same time, he took great interest in the affairs of Pakistan Cardiac Society. Without fail he would attend all the meetings of the cardiac society. Later, he became very active in internal medicine affairs and your friendship made him very much involved in medical journalism and in the publications published by you.

Once late last year on telephone contact, I inquired you if you could give me Maqbool Jaferry’s  address, I learnt that he had shifted to Lahore. I contacted him and in a few days, he came to see me. We agreed to call some friends as a get together on your visit to Lahore but that occasion never came about. He was as usual satisfied with everything. As a man, he was indeed a great human being who could impress anybody with his knowledge, wisdom and advice. I realized the great potential in his writing skills when I edited some issues of the ‘Specialist’ on heart diseases. His writing was precise, concise and comprehensive. He had a long and purposeful association with Professional Medical Publications. Here he proved to be a great asset and pioneer full of humanity, kindness, courtesy, wit, humour and accommodation.

For sometime he was a partner of Professor Jalesi in JJ hospital, Karachi. On the dissolution of the later, he devoted most of his time and energies to medical writing, delivering lectures to doctors and medical professionals. Dr. Maqbool Jafary took very active interest in ‘Pakistan Aspirin Foundation’ thrombo protective programme which played a vital role to facilitate the use of Aspirin to prevent and reduce coronary and cerebral occlusion events. His work in Pakistan Hypertension league was also commendable. He chaired the committee which produced the Guidelines on Diagnosis and treatment of Hypertension.

May Allah SWT bless his noble soul and confer His peace and comfort on his family, friends and medical publications. He would always be sadly missed in medical academic circles as a gentleman. ‘He whom Gods love dies young while he has his strength and senses and wits’. ‘Death never takes the wise man by surprise. He is always ready to go’.

Ali Muhammad
B-197 EME Sector,
Defense Housing Authority, Lahore.

I am terribly sorry to hear about the sad demise of our mutual friend Dr Maqbool H. Jafary. God bless him. He will always be remembered by his many friends and by all those who had come in contact with him in various capacities because of his exceptional qualities of heart and mind.

We had travelled together on the eighth Wonder of the World, Karakorum Highway to Gilgit, Hunza and Shimshall in the eighties and all of us enjoyed his pleasant company. He would go out of his way to help people. I had phoned a mutual friend to know about Maqbool’s passing to the next World and the friend said, "Yes , he is with Houries listening to classical music and partaking fermented red  grape juice which he had always avoided in this world”. God bless Maqbool Jafary and give fortitude to his near and dear ones to bear this irreparable loss.

Dr. Sher Mohammad Khan FRCP
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