Prof. Junaid Sarfraz Khan
and Off the Record

I deeply admire your concern in your column: Off the Record” published in May 15th2018 issue regarding Prof.Junaid Sarfraz Khan and our brave (and lengthy) write-up to the concerned Government for causing professional and mental torture.

Prof. Maj. Gen (Retd) M. Aslam
Pro Vice chancellor, NUMS
Rawalpindi - Pakistan.

This is with reference to your “Off the Record” column published in Pulse International Vol. 19 No.10 May 15-31st, 2018. I am Sir, greatly indebted to our bold, brave and just stance on the way the various parties both Government and Non-Government, including the University of Health Sciences Lahore has handled the stated matter. Your write-up is a true reflection of independence of journalism and shows to the rest of the journalistic community the true face of journalism.

I am deeply grateful to you for highlighting my plight and that of my family in this sordid affair and am grateful to All ah Subhan to Ala that there are still those in Pakistan that to not hesitate to speak out against tyranny, injustice and victimization.
May Allah bless you and your family and grant you the strength to continue on your mission with passion, zeal and zeat.

Dr. Junaid Sarfraz Khan, MBBS,
FCPS, FRCS, DipMed Edu, Med, PhD
Prof. Dept. of Medical Education
CMH, Lahore Medical College and IOD,
Lahore - Pakistan.

Review and Commentary on “A Gentle Giant” 

Gen. Malik Shaukat Hassan

This refers to the Review and commentary on my book “A Gentle Giant” published in Pulse International June 1st 2018. I have just finished reading it. I am overwhelmed by the extensive detailing of Abujan’s (Gen.Malik Shaukat Hassan) life and the notable appreciation of my humble maiden foray into the daunting world of publishing. There is one correction the name of publishers Googol not Google. I am also grateful that you have included the contact for anyone who desires obtaining this book. I have already provided copies to some libraries and several AMC high-up’s/senior doctors. We live in a world where people seldom make time to read. I have no words to thank you for your kindness towards my effort.

Actually I had read the review Online last night before I received the printed copies today. I have already forwarded this website link to my family and friends. It is so great that Pulse International is available online and one can access all the previous issues as well. It was Abuja n’s 4th death anniversary yesterday (May 31st) so your write up was extremely well timed. I am again speechless over your kind consideration and true dedication to your noble profession. My mother prefers to read from paper and she joins me in expressing our profound gratitude over your favour.

Anyone wishing to receive a copy of the book can contact Azmat Altaf Malik, House No. 6-A/1, Street-70, F-8/3, Islamabad. E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cell: 0300-5048035

Maryam Azmat Malik,

Off the Record

Dear Shaukat Bhai

This refers to your column “Off the Record” entitled “Let us concentrate on our own work” published in Pulse International of June 1st 2018.Thanks for covering the story and your very kind introductory comments about me. Hope this will be of some help in our Fellow Pakistanis thinking about our mind set and role in nation building. With best personal regards

Dr. Anwar Nasim
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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